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More individual settings for Barge, Listen, and Whisper

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by AndrewT, May 3, 2016.

More individual settings for Barge, Listen, and Whisper 4.7 5 3votes
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  1. AndrewT

    Oct 7, 2015
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    The Barge, Listen, Whisper option is a great feature, but it does raise some privacy/confidentiality issues.

    We would like to open the Barge or Whisper option to more users, but not the Listen feature. So breaking down the single check box into three in the rights section would be an easy addition.

    Also a tone or signal to alert all members of a call when someone Barges in would greatly alleviate privacy concerns and help the person Barging in to enter in to the conversation.
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  2. icns01

    Jun 11, 2017
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    Very true wrt the privacy concerns., I was going to post on this very same thing but then I saw this post....

    Certainly the Call-center supervisor should be able to barge-in or listen in on her agents calls, but the way the feature is configured if the call center supervisor is granted that feature, since there are no restrictions (as in other PBX systems from Cisco. Avaya, Mitel Nortel etc) etc; the supervisor could barge in or listen in on the CEO's calls.

    Imagine the possible drama if the CEo is on a confidential call discussing possible future of the call center including possible outsourcing, and the Call Center supervisor (whose job may be outsourced) just can listen in..

    So as you mentioned, the rights page for extensions need to include options for protection from Listen in, and barge-in.

    However, for those features the notification of the party being bargein or listened in on should be optional. It is not mandatory in all jurisdictions that a warning beep be given on a barge-in call. There are some scenarios and situations in a call center or other environment where it is not desirable to provide a warning tone . So this should be optional on a per user basis.
  3. Mark Reynolds

    Nov 13, 2017
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    We want to use it for training purposes on our IT Help Desk but because the option grants an extension the ability to listen to calls on ANY extension without their knowledge, management certainly won't risk it.

    +1 for splitting the single option into 3 separate option and if we could go one step further and nominate the extensions, rings or queues the option applies to (set on each extension), that granular control would be fantastic.

    Also +1 for having the option for sounding a tone when someone commences listening/whispering/barging in on a call.