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Multiple call by name lists

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by bhhsmi, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. bhhsmi

    Nov 28, 2017
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    We have 50 offices with over 1000 extensions. Some of our offices are large and some of them are small. It would be nice to have more than just 1 call by name directory where our callers can search through. Our callers are getting confused because they might know the persons last name was Smith...but now they have 15 Smiths to chose from. If it was limited to the users that are actually listed in that office it would be much better.
  2. voiptoys

    voiptoys Active Member

    Feb 13, 2013
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    I've put a considerable amount of thought into this question. It actually would not be that difficult to build a multi-site company directory using the Call Flow Designer. The information is all readily available via the Call Control API. And the person's recorded name is easily accessed as well.

    I would be interested in how you would propose to segregate the users from the caller's perspective. If you have 5 employees with the name Joe Smith, how does the caller know which person? By location? And what if they don't know the location? We would need to consider questions like this to make it as uncomplicated as possible for the caller. We all know that callers, if they feel the system is too complicated, will either start pounding the "0" key to try to get to a human, or they will hang up.

    The wonderful thing is that 3CX has given us an awesome tool (Call Flow Designer) to build our own solutions for things like this, and we might even be able to make some nice enhancements at the same time. We absolutely can do it with the tools 3CX has provided.
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