Multiple Inbound Caller ID Prefixes

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  1. Matt Campbell

    Mar 24, 2018
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    We are having a small issue with caller ID prefixing where a call is getting multiple prefixes added to the CID as it passes through our Inbound Rules, Ring Groups and Queues.

    For example, a call comes in via a particular Inbound Rule named ‘My DID’ and then passes to a Ring Group called ‘My Ring Group’. The phone’s display says “My Ring Group:My DID:55512345678” (where 5551234567 is the calling parties CID). But because of the character limitations on the phone’s display part of the caller’s CID is being cut off so it’s hard to identify who the caller is.

    What I’d like to see is just the name of the Ring Group prepended to the caller’s CID without also prepending the name of the DID under Inbound Rules so that it would look like this “My Ring Group:55512345678”. Is there a way to turn on/off the prepending of these various names on an induvial basis? Under “Contacts > Options the setting for ‘Add Group, Queue or DID/DDI Names to Caller ID” seems to provide an all or nothing approach. Is there another way to turn these on or off in a more granular way?
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    Only way to do this is leave the NAME of the Group or Queue empty.
    I've asked before about a Name and a Descriptive Field - Name is Blank but Description can say "My Ring Group" - so we can still know what it is - but not have it append to the caller id...
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    Hello @Matt Campbell

    Ring Groups will not allow you to leave the name field empty, but inbound rules will. So just edit your inbound rule for this DID and leave the name blank.
    @craigreilly's idea would be ideal, but for now you can differentiate inbound rules by DID that is shown in the list of inbound rules. However, feel free to post this in the Ideas part of the forum