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Multiple People Listen In to Same Call

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by D Bedford, Oct 18, 2017.

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  1. D Bedford

    Oct 17, 2017
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    I posted this idea here https://www.3cx.com/community/threads/multiple-people-listen-in-to-same-call.51512/ originally as I believed that functionality had been removed. Instead it has been fixed in line with original design intentions.

    It would be useful in certain situations to allow more than one person to Listen In to the same call (for example, we have multiple trainees that listen to the same call). This incorrectly worked in V14 (albeit occasionally causing issues) and was fixed in V15 so that only one person can Listen In to a call.
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  2. Silly English Kniggit

    Sep 13, 2017
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    AGREED! This "fix - in line with original design intentions" has caused problems for existing clients (who found out about it the hard way - because 3CX didn't say they were making this change), and has meant we've lost some business from leads who require more than one listen / barge / whisper per call (it's not simultaneous - it's for the life of the call). We have problems with this limitation ourselves too.
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  3. everex

    Apr 19, 2009
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    AGREED too!!! We need this feature!!!!