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Multiple Queue Hold/Busy messages

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by naveensenapathy, Aug 14, 2017.

  1. naveensenapathy

    Apr 24, 2013
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    Is that possible to have multiple queue hold voice prompt in single queue?

    Example : Incoming call -->IVR-->Queue with max wait time 1800s
    1. In the above flow if all agents are busy after 60s need to play 1st hold voice prompt,
    2. Again after 30s need to play 2nd hold voice prompt,
    3. Again every 45s the 3rd hold voice prompt need to play until queue wait time is completed.

    All 3 hold prompts will have different voice messages for customers who are waiting. And we need achieve this in without routing to another ivr/queue.

    So the flow will be,
    Incoming call -->IVR-->Queue with max wait time 1800s-->If all agents are busy-->after 60s-->1st busy prompt will play-->after 30s-->2nd busy prompt will play-->after 45s -->3rd busy prompt will play-->repeat 3rd prompt every 45s untill queue wait time.