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  1. Braam

    Jun 11, 2017
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    We have a customer with 300 ext in 10 groups.

    Group 1 - New car sales
    Group 2 - Used car sales
    Group 3 - Car Service
    Group 4 - Spares
    Group 10 - Customer Service

    If reception transfers a call to the Queue for Group 1, the music on hold for Group 1 Queue plays. Music on hold is a marketing message file informing customers about deals on new cars. If an extension in Group 1 transfers the call to another extension in Group 1, the system wide MOH plays.

    It would be ideal to have the following:

    Group 1 - Own MOH file, just like the queue for Group 1
    If a caller to an extension in Group 1 is placed on hold, the caller should hear the Group 1 MOH file, not the system MOH file.

    Group 1 ext transfers call to Group 2 ext
    The caller should hear the MOH file for the Group 2 ext.
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