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MyPhone/Assistant Software

Discussion in 'Windows' started by fox1977, Jun 15, 2011.

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  1. fox1977

    Jun 15, 2011
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    Hi there,

    I am current running a trial of the 3cx phone system. So far so good. I am looking for a desktop client and come across an old version of 3cx Assistant. When i tried to connect it to the server software (v10) it wouldn't connect. This is where I discovered that Assistant is an old peice of software that has since been replaced by Myphone.

    I cannot seem to find the download for myphone. Is this the correct product I am looking for or has it been superceeded by something else?

    I am after something to transfer calls and access phone books from the desktop.
  2. eagle2

    eagle2 Well-Known Member

    Apr 27, 2011
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    just go to http://your_3cx_server_address:5000/myphone

    This will install also Silverlight from Microsoft before you can use it.
    After that (logging into MyPhone) you can download it as standalone application (a link on the web interface of MyPhone).

    See also: http://www.3cx.com/blog/myphone

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Thread Status:
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