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    Oct 10, 2007
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    Hi all,
    i'm new to voip and after googling and searching for a few days i still have some questions unanswered ...

    I want to know what hardware/software we need for a small company (10 phones, 1 fax).
    We want to stay with the external ISDN PRI (3 lines=6 channels, called "TK-Anlagenanschluss" in germany) for normal outgoing/ingoing calls. (maybe long distance outgoing calls to foreign country via Internet)
    So i guess we need an IDSN VoIP Gateway (Patton 4638?).
    We connect the gateway to ISDN and to LAN, install 3CX and connect it to the Gateway?
    Whats with the Fax? We want the "traditional" G3/G4 Fax machine cause there seems to be a lot of Problem with VoiP<>Fax (except T38, but that seems to expensive). So how will it connected?

    We want to buy SNOM 360/370 Phones and want them to show which _phone_ is Busy (via LED) and (on ingoing calls) who is calling (CID, name) - is this possible with 3CX?

    Later we plan to implement TAPI services so we can Dial out via Application - which version of 3CX is needed for this? Enterprise?

    sorry fo the noob questions, bu i really cant find the information myself ...


    Jul 23, 2007
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    For ISDN, yes, best to choose one of the supported gateways if you are not experienced creating TDM gateways, it will make things work the first time. :)

    For fax, you could try an FXS gateway device that supports fax.
    Fax -> FXS gateway -> VOIP -> 3CX extension. Most of them work like normal ATAs, but can handle fax as well. I haven't hooked up a device this way to 3CX yet, so can't recommend one.

    For TAPI, depends what you are doing. I personally like to keep the voice apps separate from the ipPBX.

    eg: When I build something more elaborate

    ITSP -> 3CX <- registered extension <- Host Media Processing App.
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    Oct 13, 2006
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    Fax will be supported in the upcoming version 4. Not sure how yet but it should be in there.

    Patton makes good devices from what I hear so you probably can't go wrong.

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