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NeoGate TG200 & NeoGate TG100 to 3CX PBX

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by jeabellera, Nov 7, 2013.

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  1. jeabellera

    Nov 7, 2013
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    Dear 3CX Support,
    We recently purchase 2 model of Neogates Gateways (TG-100 and TG-200). We planned to incorporate it to your SIP System (IP PBX). As a GSM and E1 line gateway. I have tried checking on the configuration of both devices.
    We were able to connect the TG-200 via SIP mode, but there are few issue that we are encountering such us no audio during inbound call (to sim). While the TG-100, we are not able to proper link the device to the SIP Server.

    Can you help us, with this matter. Can you send us a sample config for the inter-configuration between the SIP and to gateways.

    Our existing SIP Server is 3CX IP phone system (Demo mode) running on windows server. If this setup will work, we are ensure to purchase a license for a long term operation.

    If you can send us a sample config between our devices.

    Sample Scenario:
    - TG-200 - two sim (GSM carrier) in bound and outbound allowed.
    - Inbound condition: if call to SIM A - call will be forwarded to certain “Locals 100, or 200”
    if call to SIM B - call will be forwarded to another “Local 101, or 201”
    - Outbound: If number start with 64, 65, 94,95 will be out bounded via SIM A
    If number start with 66, 67, 96, 97 will be out bounded via SIM B

    - TG-100 - ALL INBOUND Only
    - if called, it will be only forwarded to group of Locals (300-to-310) which ever is the first free.

    Hope you can assist us regarding this matter, Please see our proposed IP PABX Diagram.


    John Abellera
    Isocel Telecom

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