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Network management

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by Anonymous, Aug 26, 2006.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Hi, I installed the pbx on a pc (win 2k) with two Ethernet, LAN connection and Wan with static pubblic IP.
    How can I manage the 2 cards?

  2. Nick Galea

    Nick Galea Site Admin

    Jun 6, 2006
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    2 network cards


    The 2 network cards should not really interfere at all with the phone system - i.e its configuration is independent from any settings in 3cx phone system. That said it will make your firewall configuration more complicated.

    If you are having any specific problems please let us know.

    FYI we will soon release a new beta which has easier port configuration, making it much easier to configure with a firewall.
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  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Network design

    Hi, i'll explain my specific problem:

    Lan1 side: a sip soft phone (sjphone) registred with my lan address (
    Lan2 side: DMZ with pubblix fix IP and FW with 5060 an 9000-9999 ports open, a soft phone (sjphone) external registred .

    If i call form Lan2 to Lan1, I have the sip client error 404 (forbidden) Why?
    If i call from Lan1 to Lan2, no call or error 606 (temporary unavailable) Why?

    I've tryed with sjphone on Lan2 this config:
    Proxy domain: Exteral public IP
    User domain: Lan1 address
    Ok 2 phone registred, ok I call from external to internal, with some problem on signaling: trying message on external sjphone while the other is ringing (I don't have the 108 ringing message back) (I wasn't already able to try RTP :roll: ).
    If I call from internal to external No call at all!!!! :(

    I'm trying to solve these problems in this week.

    According to my experience if i use only one lan card there won't be problem

  4. archie

    archie Well-Known Member
    3CX Support

    Aug 18, 2006
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    Re: Network design


    1) Make sure your sipphones doesn't try to listen on the same ports the 3CX PBX does. It means, that if you're running sip phone on the same machine with 3CX PBX system you should set sip phone to listen on some different port instead of 5060. Let's say - 5070.

    2) Make sure that external sip phone is registering at 3CX PBX. To do this, you should set external IP of the machine where PBX is running as proxy IP in sip phone settings. Also, you should force sip phone to make registration (send REGISTER message to PBX).

    3) Make sure that you have added corresponding extension record into configuration of 3CX PBX from its interface. Make sure that user ID of sip phone matches the number of extension. Make sure that authentication ID/password in extension record (if present) are matching with ones in sip phnoe settings.

    If all above is ok, the extension should appear as 'On Hook' in line status monitor page of interface. Do the same for another (internal) extension. the only difference is that you should set proxy IP of internal phone settings to be the IP address of PBX ( And, of course, it should have different extension number.

    Error 404 means "Not Found", "Forbidden" is error 403. This means that you're trying to call an extension that is not registered within PBX (either doesn't have account record, or hasn't sent REGISTER message, or this message wasn't authenticated due to authId/password mismatch).
    Error 403 means that you're trying to call from the phone that is not authorized within PBX. The reasons could be the same as above.

    This is very strange. As far as I remember, 3CX PBX doesn't produce this error at all, I will check it.

    Probably, you've mistyped. Ringback (Progress) message has number 183. It is not produced by PBX, but always is passed thru it. So, most probably, the problem is that PBX also haven't got it.

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  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    more information will be posted

    Thanks Archie,
    Registrations of external and internal phones are OK!

    May be some errors are coused by the sip phone installed on the server PC!!

    Certainly the ringing (message 180) problem is verified, message 183 is ok.

    I'll try again in a few days (my test area is now unavaileble :( ) and i'll report with more precision the problems.

    Sorry for the mistakes of sip errors :shock:


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