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New 3CX Beta 7.1, new 3CX Assistant feedback

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by ciscotech2007, Mar 9, 2009.

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  1. ciscotech2007

    Jan 27, 2009
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    Thank you for your time. Nick, as a new partner, this product is amazing. Seeing it develop over the versions has been like watching a child grow. 3CX is the future of affordable, scalable, flexible, reliable and easily administered IP PBXs. As long as the 3CX team is dedicated to developing this product and it's supplemental add-ins and supporting the partners and users with first class service, 3CX will be a major contender in the marketplace.

    The day will come where whomever is considering Cisco Call Manager will also have a proposal from a 3CX partner. That will be a great day.

    Some feedback;

    (1) New 3CX version 7.1 BETA appears surface-level very much like 7. So I will presume most of the changes are on the backside and from a code, DB, and interworkings perspective. Some of the best features of 3CX should be retained and highly developed into the future and never neglected;

    (a) 3CX runs on windows machine with reasonable hardware (i.e. P4 2.4GHZ/1GIGRAM/40GIGHDD/NIC)
    (b) Windows-like interface, i.e. clean, sharp, contemporary fonts, colors and schemes
    (c) web administration of 3CX
    (d) SIP foundation protocol

    Please develop these attributes into 3CX's core features and strive for;

    (a) performance (i.e. swift processing, little lag, responsiveness when using all aspects of product and endpoints)
    (b) reasonably light-weight application (i.e. non-bloatware)
    (c) reliability, auto-sense failures and freezes, restarts with log/syslog/email notifications (i.e. self-healing)

    (2) New 3CX assistance is good, just installed it over the weekend and been beta testing it on my (3) 3CX systems. Here is some feedback;

    (a) Clearly define the assistant's purpose when launched, is it a 3CX queue reporter? call reporter?ip hard phone assistant to answer and dial? I understand the resource is a multi-layered software but in being multi-layered it loses it's specialized nature. I enjoy using my ip hardphones with 3CX and do not have a large need for a 'ip hardphone software assistant to answer the phone or call other phones'. To me it's no big deal to pickup the phone and dial. The point is, whatever the purpose is for the assistant, please focus on making that focus something it does very well... not 20 things it does 'ok'.
    (b) If 3CX has drivers to develop and bring to market the assistant please reskin the application to look more like windows. People will buy 3CX when they feel comfortable with it and it's pieces including the assistant. The new softphone has a few skins and a generally clean, contemporary good look. Please echo this for the assistant as well. Change the neon green and orange colors to eye-pleasing pallets. The idea is, if the assistant is going to be a big part of 3CX system, make it look good.

    Also, for the assistant, if it requires DOT NET framework, integrate the download inside of the assistant installer so customers dont have to exit the assistant installer and hunt around the net to download DOT NET then restart the installer... you get the idea.

    (3) A feature of the assistant is the ability to 'look at the 3CX system at a glance'. This is one area I really would like to see developed. Either a stand-alone application or another webpage, I would like to be able to monitor;

    (1) VOIP trunks
    (2) PSTN gateways
    (3) Extensions
    (4) 3CX system service status'
    (5) server log scrolling
    (6) .. and other business critical pieces of the 3CX system

    This would be a huge selling point to customer's that they could launch an application or use a browser on their LAN and get a sharp status screen. Maybe the users could change the background to their company logo. The idea is being able to give customers a dynamic page showing all critical systems, without having to click around, from anywhere on the network (LAN at least). You could use this to 'monitor' the system, users, etc. My goal would be to have a stand-alone LCD somewhere in the office that would indicate the 3CX system at all times. A receptionist could use it if they dont have phones that are equipped or configured with BLF, a manager could use it to see who is on calls or customers calling into their company, and they could use it to ensure the 3CX core systems are up and running. I would perfer a webpage because it would not require customers having to install an extra piece of software. And a webpage should not be hard to add since in the configuration pages the information is dynamic(i.e. ring a phone the green changes to orange). And you would be able to log in from any machine on the network that has web access to the 3CX server. Talkswitch already has a monitoring application included with their product.

    (4) Develop and document reasonably priced PSTN gateway solutions for 3CX. An extra $200/$400 for a Patton could make or break a small business' phone system budget.

    (5) Develop and integrate a IM (Instant Messaging) server with 3CX. Either based in XMPP, Jabber or SIP. Microsoft Live Communication Server integrates Voice and IM and Email. 3CX has Voice and Email and IM would be nice as well. Maybe IM application with integrated SIP softphone.

    (6) More clearly define 3CX's licenses and what exactly constitutes a 'continuous end-2-end call'. I am have numerous IT certifications and sometimes I get a little fuzzy on how to easily determine customer usage and which license it would translate to. Then again I am a new partner, so maybe it will be easier in time. Maybe a easy graphic, maybe a flash tutorial or maybe a simple to understand explanation for us slow people.


    I am sure I am missing some points but overall I love the product. It has changed my life, before 3CX I rarely touched phone sytems in my network engineering duties. I am a network engineer in IT and 3CX has opened my mind and eyes to the voice world that so many are scared of or don't interface with because many phone systems dont integrate with networks. Because I am a network engineer by trade, and not a telecom engineer, I struck interest in 3CX what it seems like years ago, and have worked with it almost everyday since. I just recently became a partner because I would like to assist in growing this product and bring it to the marketplace.

    Bottom line, it's a great product that makes sense and saves people money. Now it's about developing 3CX into a phenomenal IP PBX solution that truly contends with much higher priced IP PBX systems such as Cisco Call Manager. And in the sectors where 3CX cannot get close to Call Manager, 3CX offers alternative value by offering unique signature features. These features are what I hope to help the 3CX team by giving this feedback on how the product could be more well-rounded.

    Thank you for your time.
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