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Discussion in 'iOS' started by Vali_3CX, Apr 28, 2017.

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    Hi everybody
    We just uploaded on TestFlight a new Beta version - - of our iOS client.

    I provided below the full change log, but the main change is the client now supports Contact image if connected to a PBX 15.5, so if you're already using this PBX, please do not hesitate to test/stress the client with such images.

    Thanks for help!

    Beta changelog:
    - added support for contact image in extensions, contacts and chat (if PBX >= 15.5)
    - added "trash" button in Recents to delete whole call history
    - added long press on display's status image and icon to set custom status message
    - fixed autorotation layout issue on iPad.
    - fixed chat message time being always visible on iPad
    - fixed chat parties name overlapping the chat date in Chat window
    - fixed chat message's Date header to be shown per day
    - fixed swipe on chat message wrongly allowing left swipe
    - fixed chat wrongly playing sound when sending a message
    - fixed menu in Voicemails
    - fixed Contact's Phone field not being edited/updated properly
    - fixed Extension's mobile and email not being updated when changed in PBX
    - fixed how call history shows diverted outgoing calls
    - fixed numbers appearing sometimes as unmatched in Call History
    - fixed Contact's last fields not being accessible for editing due to keyboard
    - fixed potential crash in Internal Participants view when connection is lost.
    - fixed proper default keyboard type for each field when editing a contact
    - fixed font size
    - updated DA translation
    - added Delete Contact button on Contact detail (removed from Contact Edit)
    - display name in Presence is now like in all other clients (extension - name) and ordered by extension
    - moved Help, Re-Register, Request Welcome eMail and Re-provision to More tab for quicker access.
    - "More" tab badge now show "More" instead of count
    - blue color has been replaced by bold font as indicator for new chats, voicemails and missed calls
    - optimized CPU usage due translations
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Thread Status:
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