New feature request: handsfree mode and echo off

Discussion in 'Windows' started by lngstone, Nov 18, 2009.

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  1. lngstone

    Nov 10, 2009
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    Hi there!

    I use 3CX softphone with a bluetooth usb device at my desk (workstation Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit) and I'm happy with that.
    I would be very pleased to use 3CX softphone in a conference room also (Windows Vista Professional updated with latest service pack). In that room we actually have a 50" televison and a Logitech webcam 9000 and we are planning to connect a Bluetooth headset.
    I tried to use 3CX phone using the mic of the Logitech 9000 and the speakers of the television but our caller had a bad echo in her phone.
    When we chat via Skype using the same hardware we're fine on both sides of the calling.
    I noticed that in other VOIP software there is an option to cancel the echo. Is it possible in 3CX? Is it an automatic option? Or maybe we can consider this a feature request for future versions.

    Another desiderata is that in the conference room (and sometimes at my desk also) it would be very nice to switch with a single click from a normal call via a Bluetooth headset to a conference call using another (better) microphone and a pair of speakers.
    Actually every change in the input/output devices in 3CX phone ends in the actual call being terminated.
    Can you plan such a feature for future releases?

    Just another little note:
    3CX at my desk can't view the I/O audio periferals connected after the program started, so I have to uncheck the "start when windows starts" option because otherwise the connection with the bluetooth headset is made after 3CX can detect it.

    I really appreciate your efforts and your software. Thank you.

    <--< nik >-->
Thread Status:
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