New SIP firmware for old Nortel/Avaya 11xxE/12xxE phones is available

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    I notice Avaya is still updating SIP firmwares for their old 11xx/12xx phones in a hidden ftp folder at
    Latest version is from January 2018 with version

    I have read in this forum that no one managed to get them to work 100% properly together with 3cx in concerns of registration (and keep registered) but with new firmware there might be new hope.

    To know is also:

    I will do some tests in the coming weeks if I get the time....

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    Is this something of interest?
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    Avaya/Nortel 11xxE/12xxE flashing SIP firmware

    Example made with an 1140e with firmware non-SIP firmware 0625C8A

    1. You need a TFTP server. TFTPD32 for Windows works fine
    2. Edit your DHCP server to provide option 66 to let he phone know the address to the TFTP server.
    3. Download latest firmware for your phone from
    You need the bin-file with the following filename format SIP1120e04.04.31.00.bin
    It is unknown what is different with the “MED” file found in the same location.
    4. Create a cfg file for flash control. For the 1140e phone it shall be named 1140e.cfg (1120e.cfg, 1265e.cfg etc. for other models) and the content shall be (edit the firmware name/numbers and the IP address to the TFTP server)

    VERSION SIP1140e04.04.31.00
    FILENAME SIP1140e04.04.31.00.bin

    5. Copy both firmware and cfg-file to the TFTP server root and enable the tftp server.
    6. Load Factory Defaults on the phone.
    Use the following key sequence to reset a Nortel/Avaya IP set and load the factory default values. Note: Applies to: 2007, 1100 and 1200 series sets, with UNIStim firmware release 3.0, and later.

    * * 7 3 6 3 9 [MAC address] # #
    The MAC address is in HEX. For letters in the mac address substitute those with 2 for A, B or C and press 3 for D, E, or F.

    7. When the phone restarts, it shall automatically upgrade the firmware and reboot.
    You should see something similar to the following during the process;

    [FW] reading...
    VERSION SIP1140e04.04.31.00

    Shortly followed by;

    [FW] writing...
    VERSION SIP1140e04.04.31.00

    Once the phone is upgraded to SIP it will start looking for a new configuration file, 1140eSIP.cfg (or 1120eSIP.cfg or 1165eSIP.cfg depending on your model).


    The above mentioned Avaya tutorial and video from Nicky Borg is not a direct functional solution for these old models but maybe with some more work......
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