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  1. Rafe

    Oct 30, 2008
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    Sorry for three posts - but I wanted to keep my comments separate. Having posted something helpful and something positive, here's the niggles we have we 3CX (V6):

    1) Would like different ring tones for internal and external (come via Patten ISDN gateway) calls
    2) Would like phone to beep every x seconds to remind you that you've got someone on hold
    3) Would like a central phonebook that does something useful like allow ABC dialling on the phone
    4) Would like shortcode dialling (e.g. commonly called numbers in central phonebook could have 4 digit shortcode associated with them)
    5) Would like name of caller (whether internal or external (assuming they're in central phonebook)) to be displayed on a ringing phone rather than just a number
    6) Would like the VOIP Client to allow you to sort its phonebook by number & name
    7) Would like to get rid of having to press the tick on the phone (SNOM) or reduce the 4 second delay
    8) Would like 3CX to make the coffee ;)

    If anyone can advise on any of the above it'd be much appreciated! Most of them were available on the old Aastra system so people are missing them.

    I have poked around in the manual, asked the people that helped me install it and searched on here but not found answers to the above. Apologies if I just didn't look in the right place or hard enough!

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.