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    Mar 20, 2007
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    Hi, we download and test the software today.
    We install it, configure with extensions, 1 gateway and 1 VoIP provider.
    The extensions are 2 softphone (X-lite) and 1 FXS port of one ATA-848 of Granstream (
    The VoIP provider is VoipBuster and all the call routed to it, work perfect.
    we prepare some basic Outbound Route for my tests.
    The ATA-848 comes with 1FXS (for phone) and 1FXO (for line).
    We configure the FXO port like a PSTN line, configure a route for send some calls to it, and we only receive the dial tone for manual overdialing.... we can
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    Aug 21, 2006
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    Unfortunatley we do not have hands on experience with this device.

    You seem to have what is called 2 stage dialing configured on the gateway. This is a gateway issue, you need to make the device do 1 stage dialing.

    Alternativley there is the remote chance that the advanced options have been misconfigured. Unless you changed the advanced settings of the gateway, you need not to worry about this.

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