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Noticeable bugs/requested features

Discussion in 'Android' started by blastek, Aug 5, 2010.

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  1. blastek

    Aug 5, 2010
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    Just helping you out. Some of these were probably mentioned before but I wanted to consolidate.

    1. Speaker, volume, vibrate problems (mentioned already and reportedly being worked on)
    2. Need proximity sensor to have settings for both 3G and Wifi. Android has the wifi sleep problem that can't be fixed so audio cuts in and out. It would be nice to have a setting for both so the user doesn't have to choose. Also, Google might fix the wifi sleep problem so it would be nice to have the option hanging around.
    3. Echo cancellation for speakerphone. Regular calling is perfect but speakerphone can't really be used as of yet. (and I believe it's not coming out of the speaker)
    4. Better switching between wifi and 3G. A lot of the time it will disconnect completely and not connect back on 3G when I leave a wifi area.
    5. Option to run on startup
    6. Choosing ringtone (I doubt one person here wants an iPhone ringtone on their android phone :D )
    7. Destroys battery but I'm just sure that's the nature of these types of programs.
    8. Interface would be even better if it was similar to stock Android, especially when receiving calls
    9. Auto answer! This is important for Google Voice users. An auto answer option for only certain numbers so when you dial out Google Voice calls you back and it automatically picks up to mimic a real phone call

    You have, by far, the best call quality of any SIP application I have seen. Even over cellular data it's amazing. I'm loving it and I look forward to future updates! I already dropped my minute plan for it.
  2. LeonidasG

    LeonidasG Support Team
    Staff Member 3CX Support

    Nov 19, 2008
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    These are bugs that are being worked on.

    Although the option does exist in the Audio Menu of the 3CXPhone, it's something we are planning to take a look at a bit more thoroughly AFTER we have given priority to other higher priority issues.

    These sound like an ok idea, but as i said, there are other mainstream issues to fix first before going ahead and creating more of them by adding new features. It's gonna be a while before the above might be added.

    Redesigning the skin because it might be better "especially when receiving calls" is not a very convincing argument to be honest :p
    Also regarding Auto Answering, this might be added in the future, but not in the fashion you're mentioning. There's gonna be a simple setting to enable auto answering on and off. There won't be any settings to decide which calls get auto answered and which ones don't.

    The 3CXPhone doesn't "Destroy" your battery, it's the silliest thing i've been hearing from users for a while now.
    Most Androids with huge screens just have low battery life, i have to spend a few hours charging mine every day.
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  3. loganss

    Jul 21, 2010
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    I agree and disagree with this at the same time. Carrier calls and VoIP calls are a decent drain of the battery but so is a user's screen brightness. Since 3CXPhone has the screen on during a call a user, based on his brightness settings, could be draining their phone battery even faster.

    There are claims that using the UDP protocol versus TCP drains the battery more but I haven't had the time to confirm this with SIP clients that support that feature.
  4. jonasjoberg

    Mar 19, 2012
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    Any news on adding startup when phone boots?

    I've just tried Acrobits Softphone but had to switch because there's no echo cancellation but now the first thing that strikes me is that it won't start when the phone boots.

    Kind regards, Jonas Jakob Oberg.
  5. leejor

    leejor Well-Known Member

    Jan 22, 2008
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    Just about the time that post was originally made, this http://3cx.ideascale.com/ came along. You might want to put in a feature request there, and see how it goes over with other users.
  6. Reiner030

    Mar 21, 2012
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    I think I found some more bugs/features which I didn't already found in this forum;
    Using latest Android app 1.3.4 on Samsung Galaxy S2

    - the screen saver can't run when 3cx app is opened and in foreground

    - the 3cx tunnel would also be opened when I deactivate "I am Out of Office".
    writes in the last line that it should not be used.

    - if the 3cx tunnel is used and registered, i can call only TO the pbx...
    But not from pbx to app; I always got the answer:

    <--- SIP read from UDP: --->
    SIP/2.0 503 Remote end of tunnel is not connected
    Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK120f2c82;rport=5060
    To: <sip:1332@;ob>;tag=0259c747
    From: "R. Keller"<sip:332@>;tag=as33b5e02f
    Call-ID: 653c3e0064e1def029c7e1630a6f84f6@
    CSeq: 102 INVITE
    Warning: 499 WIN-4D55MT730OS "Remote end of the bridge is not connected"
    Content-Length: 0

    - the call went fine through 3cx tunnel + UMTS but hangup response was about 10-15s before the app
    recognized that the call was cleared and went back to "on hook" mode.

    - It seems that autorecognition of Speaker/ Earpiece / Bluetooth isn't possible / there is no
    possibility to set default / priorities for them?

    - can you perhaps setup a debug log option for better diagnosing/support?


    Best Regards

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