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Notification of new Versions

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by mfairchild, Feb 15, 2017.

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Shouldn't 3CX notify end-users who have active Maintenance or Support Contracts of new versions?

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  1. mfairchild

    Jan 6, 2016
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    We are using V14 SP3, and we only found out about V15 by accident. Meanwhile, V15 was announced last July, and now it's Feb. We have an active Maintenance Agreement via our Channel reseller, and we also have an active Support Contract with 3CX directly.

    In the 3CX Management Console, under "Updates", it shows we're "Up to Date" with V14 SP3. No mention of a new Version.

    I called in to 3CX Tech Support, and they said this was an issue for 3CX Sales. I called 3CX Sales, and they said there is no mechanism for notifying people of new Versions ( that is, end-users who have active Maintenance Agreements or Support Contracts), only for Partners and Resellers. He said they'll notify us if our Support Contract or Maintenance Agreement is about to expire, but that's all.

    Shouldn't there be a way that active Maintenance Agreement end-user customers, and/or active end-user Support Contract people can be notified of new Versions? Even like someplace we could sign up for newsletter?

    I see there's a 3CX blog, but no mention of a newsletter.