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OBi110 and 3CX Outbound Calls Not Going Through

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by vivek9856, Aug 26, 2012.

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  1. vivek9856

    Aug 26, 2012
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    Hi everyone,

    I'm having some issues configuring an OBi110 to play nicely with the 3CX PBX. My goals are to:

    1) Incoming calls on the PSTN line are sent to 3CX. Based on current status (available, out of office, etc.) calls are either routed to an extension or voicemail
    2) The PHONE port of the OBi110 serve as an extension on the 3CX system.
    3) Outbound calls made from the PHONE port and IP/softphones through 3CX are made through the LINE port to the PSTN

    The incoming call side of things work fine. Someone can call the PSTN number, and via SP1 be sent to 3CX and routed to voicemail, passing through caller ID successfully. I can also answer the call on an IP or softphone. But outbound calls through any IP/softphone or the phone connected to LINE do not go through.

    When making a call from a softphone through 3CX through the OBi110 gateway, nothing wrong appears in the logs:

    25-08-2012 18:12:46.582	[CM503008]: Call(C:130): Call is terminated
    25-08-2012 18:12:46.581	Leg L:130.1[Extn] is terminated: Cause: 487 CANCEL from SOFTPHONEIP:5080
    25-08-2012 18:12:46.373	Currently active calls - 1: [130]
    25-08-2012 18:12:43.404	[CM503025]: Call(C:130): Calling T:Line:10001>>10DIGITPHONENUMBER@[Dev:sip:10001@]
    25-08-2012 18:12:43.352	[CM503027]: Call(C:130): From: Extn:15 ("Vivek" <sip:15@3CXIP:5060>)  to  T:Line:10001>>10DIGITPHONENUMBER@[Dev:sip:10001@]
    25-08-2012 18:12:43.352	[CM503004]: Call(C:130): Route 1: T:Line:10001>>10DIGITPHONENUMBER@[Dev:sip:10001@]
    25-08-2012 18:12:43.351	[CM503001]: Call(C:130): Incoming call from Extn:15 to <sip:10DIGITPHONENUMBER@3CXIP:5060>
    So the call is made from extension 15 and keeps ringing continuously, and I end up just having to cancel the call from the softphone. The OBi administration page shows no SIP calls in progress and the LINE is still on-hook, and it shows 0 active calls on the status page.

    The OBi is set up such that SP1 is the gateway connection to 3CX and SIP2 is the phone extension to the PHONE port. The status page shows both SIP connections successfully register with the 3CX PBX. In 3CX, the gateway shows registered (idle) and the extension shows as being registered.

    However, if I dial the extension that is on the PHONE port of the OBi, nothing happens. The number rings for a set period of time and the call gets sent to voicemail by 3CX. Nothing happens on the status page of the OBi. If I pick the phone up, I get a dial tone, and if I dial an external number, 3CX correctly identifies the number and routes the call to the gateway on SP1. But the same "call is terminated" error appears after waiting for around 30 seconds.

    LINE is set up such that inbound calls are sent to SP1 (works fine), digit map (xxxxxxxS1|xxxxxxxxxxS1). PHONE is set up that the primary line is SP2.

    SP2 is set to use service profile B (SIP to an extension on 3CX) with inbound call route set to ph.

    SP1 is set to use service profile A (SIP as a gateway on 3CX), digit map (xxxxxxxS1|xxxxxxxxxxS1), with inbound call route LI1 (L as in long, I as in inland, number 1).

    3CX has an outbound dial rule stating that any calls from a management group with all the extensions I am testing from are set to route calls to the OBi, stripping no digits. There is an inbound DID for the number on the POTS line. But inbound calls are working fine.

    Any ideas or suggestions about what could be wrong? Or what else I can provide to troubleshoot?
  2. leejor

    leejor Well-Known Member

    Jan 22, 2008
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    There have been a few posts on the Obi, but so far it is not supported, which doesn't mean it won't work. In fact using both the FXS and FXO ports on the SPA3102 at the same time was never supported on 3CX, but it works.
    I haven't haven't had a change to get my hands on one of the Obi's yet, so hopefully someone else, that has, can help you out. They may have an internal log, similar to the 3102, that may help you.
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