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Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by Anonymous, Aug 30, 2006.

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    Is ther anyway I can download and test the older version so I can see how the voicemail and other options work?
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    in addition to the non-registrating

    If I go to manage gateways and click on the blue "Name" of my VoIP provider I land at "Edit Voip Provider page" there are 4 boxes and they are filled the main one here is "Proxy Hostname or IP" for vonage this is "sphone.vopr.vonage.net"

    If I go to the same manage gateways and place a checkbox next to the vonage Voip account the "Edit Selected" icon lights up and when i click it I get a totally diferent page that has more details and is "VoIP Provider Configuration" I cannot select anything in the top most box that is "VoIP Service" as nothing appears here, I do however fill in the rest of the boxes which include Username, Password, Proxy Host..., Port, Time betweeen..., Codec, Stun Server, Stun Port.

    When I hit ok on this page I get an error that the "Proxy Host or IP" must have something which I did in fact enter and it drops me back to the original page at the begining of this error....

    Can I have an older version to test please?
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    log keeps showing this also

    19:53:07.678 LineImpl::update Line:ctor: register line 08458691831
    19:53:07.678 LineImpl::update Line:ctor: register line 15037663621

    but none of my lines connect

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