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Opening 3CX Inside a Windows Form (C#)

Discussion in 'Windows' started by armour, Jul 29, 2016.

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  1. armour

    Jul 26, 2013
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    Hi there,

    Many of our users use remote desktop throughout the day and wanted to have the 3cx phone remain on top for easy access. None of the traditional methods to keep applications on top seem to work with 3CX, so we've developed a little program called "Phone Wrapper" that opens up 3CX inside of it and always stays on top.

    The issue I've been running into is that when I launch 3CX it stays invisible within this wrapper, until it is clicked. Once clicked it works fine. I can load other applications using the same method and they all start as visible. 3CX is the only application that has this behavior. I've tried many different solutions, but nothing works. Does anyone with any C# knowledge have any ideas?

    Rob Stevenson

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  2. Tertius

    Feb 24, 2016
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    Hi Rob,

    I have managed to integrate the phone client functionality into my C# windows application with the help of these forums. I'm still very new to programming and was interested in your use of the word wrapper. What is that and what does it do?

    I found a great GitHUB code repository left on these forums that I was able to adapt to my own .NET project in a matter of hours. The project does stuff between the 3CXPhone API and my own software using WCF Foundations. The SoftClient is in a minimized to tray state, always, and all the phones Events and Functionality now get sent to my app. I hope this link is as helpful to you as it twas me. https://github.com/TrickUK/3CX-Another-CRM

    I'd also be glad to share what I can if you require further assistance.

    Good Luck!
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