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Operator Console

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by rikparke, Apr 9, 2010.

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  1. rikparke

    Apr 6, 2010
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    The 6th form college I work for in the UK would love to go ahead, purchase and put into service 3CX, however there is one main stumbling block - the lack of a dedicated operator (attendant) console application. It is possible to emulate most of the required operator functionality using a combination of Softphone and 3CX Assistant but a few bits are missing:
    1. No visibility of number of calls queueing
    2. Caller gets music while queueing - no option to have ringing (can be got round by recording ringing and playing that instead of the hold music)
    3. In the UK it is traditional to dial 0 (zero) for the operator rather than the actual 4 digit extension number - I have got round this problem using a combination of a Ring Group with a virtual number of 0 (zero) with a dummy member extension, the destination if no answer is set to a Call Queue which the actual operator extension logs into to take calls.

    Q1. Is there going to be a dedicated operator console in the pipeline anytime soon? I did see a previous message that seemed to indicate one might be. This would increase the possiblity for future sales enormously - an extra cost option??

    Q2. Is there a definitive list of phones that integrate with the 3CX Company Phonebook?

    Q3. Does anyone have any experience of using 3CX Assistant / 3CX Softphone with a touch-screen monitor (we are thinking about the operator console here)?

    Q4. Any experience of using USB handsets for the audio handling with the softphone - if so which ones work well (again we are thinking of the operator here)?

    Thanks in advance

  2. mchristsen

    Mar 30, 2010
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    Here are some tips that might work for you.

    1. From the 3CX Assistant you can see incoming calls, calls in queue and who is talking to whom. To see all these features the extension the Assistant is logged in as must be in the MANAGEMENT group. Using the Assistant on a touch screen will depend on two things, the resolution / accuracy of the touch interface on the screen and the dexterity of the operator.

    2. You can have the music play and annouce their number in queue, but recording the ringing, might be your best option here.

    3. If you are wanting to reach the Operator from a Digital Assistant, then you can set the number "0" to transfer to the Operators extension. I am not sure from other locations.
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