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Option to generate provisioning files (without the need to reprovision immediately)

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by jasonsomers, Dec 23, 2015.

  1. jasonsomers

    Oct 21, 2015
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    Need a "Regenerate Configuration Files" button

    We imported about 150 extensions from a backup csv, and while the extensions were created successfully, it did not actually create any of the configuration files for any of these extensions. For each extension we had to edit the extension, change the provisioning template to something else - apply, and then revert and apply.

    While this did eventually create the config files for each extension, it took a LONG time.It would be MUCH easier if there was a feature in the 3cx software to regenerate all (or selected extensions') config files.


    DSXDATA New Member

    Oct 20, 2015
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    Re: Need a "Regenerate Configuration Files" button

    Updating extension information is an administrative nightmare at the moment. Config files have the names for BLF's hard coded in them. So when an extension changes its name - the BLF does not change until two things happen - the config file is is updated for EACH PHONE using the extension in its BLFs and the phone itself refreshes its configuration. The first problem can be fixed by this suggestion. The second problem can be fixed by adding a GUI setting to allow periodic configuration refresh to be set in the template.
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  3. Frank D

    Frank D New Member

    Oct 6, 2014
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    An option to generate the provisioning files on request from the admin console would be great. At the moment you either have to reprovision the phones immediately (which you cannot do at scale during the office hours) or you have to do the trick to edit the extensions to trigger the generating of provisioning files.

    Often you will want to redo the edit you just did for triggering purposes, so you have to do it twice.
    If you have a lot of extensions this can be quite time consuming (there is no way to chose more than 100 extensions at once).

    Maybe this could be done for specific phone models: After editing the provisioning template x it would be nice to have a popup-dialogue: Do you want the provisioning files for all the pones on provisioning template x to be generated now? Yes/No

    Of course you have to reprovision the phones some time. But if you have a professional setup often the provisioning will be updated automatically out of office hours.