Out of hours IVR - only plays default file

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by stobby256, Sep 29, 2013.

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  1. stobby256

    Sep 9, 2013
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    This one has me puzzled.

    I have recorded the out of hours message, and I go to the Edit Digital receptionist. I choose that voice file that I've just recorded. Click OK, and go back to the screen and it's there. I dial in and get the default "This call could not be completed" message.

    I then chose another file to test it out, click OK and save it. Again I get this message. When I click play on an extension number, I input the extension number and again, it dials that extension plays the "This call could not be completed message. NEVER anything I have recorded or any other voice prompts I've put in there.

    I've restarted the server, restarted 3CX... Nothing - always the default message.

    PS looked on other posts and IIS is not installed on my server :)

    Transcript follows: -

    29-Sep-2013 17:01:42.465 Leg L:12.1[Line:10001<<901322336346] is terminated: Cause: BYE from PBX
    29-Sep-2013 17:01:42.465 [CM503008]: Call(C:12): Call is terminated
    29-Sep-2013 17:01:42.464 Leg L:12.2[Ivr] is terminated: Cause: BYE from
    29-Sep-2013 17:01:33.857 [CM503007]: Call(C:12): Ivr:500 has joined, contact <sip:500@>
    29-Sep-2013 17:01:33.857 [CM503007]: Call(C:12): Line:10001<<901322336346 has joined, contact <sip:10001@>
    29-Sep-2013 17:01:33.856 L:12.2[Ivr] has joined to L:12.1[Line:10001<<901322336346]
    29-Sep-2013 17:01:33.705 [CM503025]: Call(C:12): Calling T:Ivr:500@[Dev:sip:500@;rinstance=8016cb73884fccf7] for L:12.1[Line:10001<<901322336346]
    29-Sep-2013 17:01:33.662 [CM503027]: Call(C:12): From: Line:10001<<901322336346 ("EXTERNAL" <sip:901322336346@>) to T:Ivr:500@[Dev:sip:500@;rinstance=8016cb73884fccf7]
    29-Sep-2013 17:01:33.662 [CM503004]: Call(C:12): Route 1: from L:12.1[Line:10001<<901322336346] to T:Ivr:500@[Dev:sip:500@;rinstance=8016cb73884fccf7]
    29-Sep-2013 17:01:33.661 [CM505002]: Gateway:[GrandStream_GXW4104] Device info: Device Not Identified: User Agent not matched; Capabilities:[reinvite, replaces, able-no-sdp, recvonly] UserAgent: [Grandstream GXW4104 (HW 2.1, Ch:5)] PBX contact: [sip:10001@]
    29-Sep-2013 17:01:33.661 [CM503001]: Call(C:12): Incoming call from Line:10001<<901322336346 to <sip:500@>
    29-Sep-2013 17:01:33.660 Line limit check: Current # of calls for line Lc:10001(@GrandStream_GXW4104[<sip:10001@>]) is 1; limit is 1
    29-Sep-2013 17:01:33.652 [CM503012]: Inbound out-of-office hours rule (unnamed) for 10001 forwards to DN:500

    HELP :)
  2. franchino87

    Oct 25, 2014
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    i got the same issue, whenever the phone system need to redirect the call to an IVR it got stuck with the same audio message, i even noticed that if i try to record a new WAV file using a telephone (launching the command from the web application), i receive a call on the selected phone, and the same audio message comes up.

    I'm running 3cx v14 on windows server 2012 with IIS.
    I have other v14 up and running and i've never encountered such problem

    I tried the following:
    - Set permission to ALL to Everyone on c:\ProgramData\3cx\Data\IVR\ (in order to see if there's a permission problem)
    - Replaced onhold.wav with my WAV file
    - Tried to choose every WAV file available
    - Recreate IVR
    - Restarted all service from 3cx web application and from Windows service handler

    WAV file meets the requirements: pcm 16-bit mono 8000 hz (8 khz)

    Another weird stuff: 3cx Server log isn't populated.
    Another thing worth mentioning is that the actual network is in a weird subnet (i didn't make it!): 194.21.224.x - That it happens to be range reserved for public IP!!! (indeed i needed to set the "enable use outside of LAN" option on every user)

    Any advice for my strange case?!
    Thanks a lot
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