Outbound Caller ID affects inbound calls to SIP ID

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by Bob Denny, Aug 22, 2009.

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    Feb 21, 2009
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    Here's an odd one. I set up an extension to serve as a relay to our IVR for inbound direct SIP calls (not thru a provider) to our 3CX. I have several extensions already answering direct-in SIP calls successfully. The SIP addresses for these are sipid@xyz.com, where sipid is the SIP ID as set on the extension's Other tab, for example sip:bozo@xxx.com for an extension where the SIP ID is 'bozo'. Note: it is an old wives' tale that the SIP ID must be set to the extension number.

    So I thought, this'll be easy. It wasn't. All I got was the famous unrecognized call error. For grins I changed the SIP ID to = the extension number and it worked! But I have 4 other extensions that have "real" SIP IDs and they work!

    It turned out that the cause of the errors was the Outbound Caller ID, which I had set to an alpha string instead of a number. Why I don't know since that extension will never place an outboun d call... but I did. After experimenting with the Outbound Caller ID I found that you can put just about anything in it except a hyphen (and probably other punctuation). My original Outbound Caller ID had a '-' in it.

    I'm reporting this because it may be the cause of some of the assertions about the SIP ID needing to be equal to the extension number, and because it seems like a bug that the Outbound Caller ID contents affects the success of direct inbound SIP calls to the extensions SIP ID.
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