Outbound Calling Issue

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by Anonymous, Dec 14, 2006.

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    VOIP gateway : voice eclipse..

    these are the logs when i try to make an outbound call:

    01:06:24.640 Terminated c29 "3CX Phone"<sip:100@puto> <sip:03605001695@puto> Call ended
    01:06:22.625 Calling c29 "3CX Phone"<sip:100@puto> <sip:03605001695@puto> Send INVITE to [#3606144002 @voice eclipse]
    01:06:22.125 Routed c29 "3CX Phone"<sip:100@puto> <sip:03605001695@puto> From: Ext:100; To: [#3606144002 @voice eclipse]
    01:06:22.125 CallConf::findDestination: Found destination [#3606144002 @voice eclipse] for caller Ext:100
    01:06:22.109 Registrar::checkAor: Registrar resolved sip:100@puto as <sip:100@>
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    Jun 6, 2006
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    VOICE eclipse

    Is this a VOIP Gateway device? Voice eclipse? What make?

    Currently we have only tested with Grandstream, Clipcomm, Patton, Micronet & D-link. We have just completed testing with the Grandstream. We recommend this one because it works well, easy to configure and inexpensive.
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    Voice Eclipse

    My apologies,, voice eclipse is a voip provider.. not a gateway device..

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