Outbound DDI selection

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by ezpc, Oct 28, 2016.

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    One of the most requested features I get asked from from clients is the ability to select outbound DDI.

    The only way I achieve this is by setting up multiple extensions, but, truth be told - it is an annoying compromise and is less than perfect. I would go as far to say, it is pretty much the only feature that a majority of standard PBXs do better than 3CX.

    A lot of clients just want to add a prefix before dialing out - e.g. 9 for number x, 8 for number y... this can work through multiple trunks (and for one client I did it this way), but, it just passes the buck up one level and makes it more complicated elsewhere (e.g. simultaneous call tracking per trunk/possible multiple bills)

    What would be good and I assume could work a lot easier is if you allow extra variables to be defined on the "Trunk > Outbound CID formatting" section so that I can do a rule for if dialed number is (9...) change outbound to xxx.

    In addition, I believe (haven't verified for several versions) that by doing a number for outbound line, it bypasses the fraud/country code protection, so, it would be nice for a fully integrated supported feature.
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