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    I want to route all calls to an external voip line.
    How can i create the rule?
    I have leaved blank in "Calls to Number starting with " and "Calls from extension(s) "...it's wrong?
    When i try to call mobile phones (348....) with sjphone i received this message: 404 Not found

    In status server :
    "Massimiliano"<sip:212@> <sip:3482338390@> Call destination cannot be resolved

    Ok,if i call standard phone...why?


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    If you simply created a voip line then the PBXServer has automatically created a default rule for you using that provider.

    All you need to do is dial a 0 before the number you wish to call. This will instruct the PBX that it is an extenrnal call. so try:

    03482338390 to reach 3482338390

    Do not hesitate to ask any further questions if you have any problems whatsoever !
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    Is there a way to set up 3cx to not have to dial a prefix? I want the system to work just like a normal phone. I don't want to have to dial 0 or 8 or 9 before the number for external calls.
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  5. Nick Galea

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    Prefix required

    A prefix is always required in order for the phone system to know that it is an external number and that it has to use a PSTN or VOIP provider line.

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