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Outgoing calls, DR and Speedstream 3610

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by bcotton, Jan 8, 2008.

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  1. bcotton

    Jan 8, 2008
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    Hi All, I an brand new here so please bear with me on my quest for info...
    I have a Nokia Premicell GSM to analog adapter as my "PSTN" line linked to a Handytone 488 ATA. My internet connectionis via Lynksys 3G HSDPA wireless router.

    I have configured extensions and calls work ok (using Xlite softphone) and can call inwards via the Nokia GSM adapter.

    When I call in the ext on the Handytone 488 rings once and forwards to ext 100 regardless of the setting of 800 in the handytone unit so the DR does not want to get the call. I then forwarded all calls to 100 to 800 (the DR ext) so now the DR gets the call in a roundabout kind of way...can this be fixed ?

    If I leave a message (call 800 from any ext) and leave a message for eg. ext 103, the message gets put under ext 101's mail box ??? and the email notification does nothing.

    Please let me know what you need by way of logs and other info - this is driving me nuts.

    I can't get the outgong call to work either - The setup seems to do nothing...

    lastly, I have a Siemens Speedstream 3610 that has two FXS ports, WAN and LAN - I am about to jump on it. I cannot get it to register on 3cx at all - if I connect the wan port to the network then the voip light flickers but no change in the status log (and I can't access the internal config any more)
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Thread Status:
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