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outguing call is esteableshed. but voice not present

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by maxi4, Nov 2, 2014.

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  1. maxi4

    Nov 2, 2014
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    hi All!
    i have use the configuration:
    HP Notebook
    Windows 7 Prof x64
    Oktell SIP GSM Gateway
    Huawei E171 dongle
    3CX Phone System for Windows
    3CX Phone Windows

    i did setup all items on one notebook.
    Huawei E171 dongle has been registered in Oktell SIP GSM Gateway with 10000 ID,
    Oktell SIP GSM Gateway has been registered in 3CX Phone System for Windows with 10000 ID as Gateway,
    3CX Phone Windows has been registered in 3CX Phone System for Windows with 11 ID as SIP Client.
    Outgoing rule for SIP Client 11 to Oktell SIP GSM Gateway has been written.

    I did call from 3CX Phone Windows to my external cell. phone.
    The cell. phone did ringing, but i didn`t hear my voice.
    Please help.
    The log of call is:
    02-ноя-2014 18:48:55.516 [MS105000] C:9.1: No RTP packets were received:remoteAddr=,extAddr=,localAddr=
    02-ноя-2014 18:48:54.264 Leg L:9.2[VMail] is terminated: Cause: BYE from PBX
    02-ноя-2014 18:48:54.263 [CM503008]: Call(C:9): Call is terminated
    02-ноя-2014 18:48:54.244 Leg L:9.1[Line:10000<<] is terminated: Cause: BYE from
    02-ноя-2014 18:48:48.027 Currently active calls - 1: [9]
    02-ноя-2014 18:48:29.486 [CM503007]: Call(C:9): VMail:99 has joined, contact <sip:99@>
    02-ноя-2014 18:48:29.482 [CM503007]: Call(C:9): Line:10000<< has joined, contact <sip:10000@>
    02-ноя-2014 18:48:29.473 L:9.2[VMail] has joined to L:9.1[Line:10000<<]
    02-ноя-2014 18:48:29.326 [CM503025]: Call(C:9): Calling T:VMail:99@[Dev:sip:99@;rinstance=d0ab427538d22fdc] for L:9.1[Line:10000<<]
    02-ноя-2014 18:48:29.308 [CM503027]: Call(C:9): From: Line:10000<< (<sip:mad:>) to T:VMail:99@[Dev:sip:99@;rinstance=d0ab427538d22fdc]
    02-ноя-2014 18:48:29.308 [CM503004]: Call(C:9): Route 1: from L:9.1[Line:10000<<] to T:VMail:99@[Dev:sip:99@;rinstance=d0ab427538d22fdc]
    02-ноя-2014 18:48:29.308 [CM505002]: Gateway:[Oktell SIP-GSM Gateway] Device info: Device Not Identified: User Agent not matched; Capabilities:[reinvite, replaces, able-no-sdp, recvonly] UserAgent: [Oktell] PBX contact: [sip:10000@]
    02-ноя-2014 18:48:29.306 [CM503001]: Call(C:9): Incoming call from Line:10000<< to <sip:11@>
    02-ноя-2014 18:48:29.297 Line limit check: Current # of calls for line Lc:10000(@Oktell SIP-GSM Gateway[<sip:10000@>]) is 1; limit is 1
    02-ноя-2014 18:48:29.289 [CM503012]: Inbound office hours rule (unnamed) for 10000 forwards to VM:11
  2. lneblett

    lneblett Well-Known Member

    Sep 7, 2010
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    The issue is in the logs as:
    No RTP packets were received:remoteAddr=,extAddr=,localAddr=

    The RTP packets carry the voice and this is usually associated to a firewall issue. You need to run the firewall checker after having configured the firewall to forward the needed ports. You may also need to do the same or simply turn-off the Windows firewall.

    You can find the port forwarding guide by doing a search in the 3CX site.

    I am not familiar with the GSM gateways you are using so while it appears that the issue is still the firewall, I suppose that perhaps issues may still be associated to the hardware and its set-up.
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