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Personal Assistant Configuration, Do not Disturb with Call History!

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by Frank D, Oct 30, 2015.

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  1. Frank D

    Frank D New Member

    Oct 6, 2014
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    we have the situation, that some people like to redirect calls to their personal assistant/a secretary sometimes. Sometimes they are away, sometimes they don't want to be disturbed except for very important calls. So they want the assistant / secretary to be able to call them. In addition they want the call history to include all those calls redirected to the assistant.

    I took me quite some while to figure out a solution that works for me and I want to share it with you:
    It's not this easy to setup, but once is done, it's easy to use. The configuration I used does include the call in the call history of the phone, not the 3cx account. We are using Yealink T46G.


    phone 1, Senior Manager:
    3cx/SIP Accounts:
    • Primary Account: 111
      Secret Secondary Account: 222, not in company phonebook
      Silent Account for Call History: 333, not in company phonebook

    DSS Keys:
    • Change Status Key (Shortdial, Value=*30, Label=available) , those will set the status for 111 to "available"
      Change Status Key (Shortdial, Value=*31 Label=donotdisturb) those will set the status for 111 to "unavailbe"
      The keys would not be needed, if he used the 3cx phone for windows, which he currently is not using. Their purpose is to change the presence status and the associated forwarding rules

    Other phone configuration
    • Distent Ringtone for Secret Secondary Account
      Silent Ringtone for "Silent Account for Call History"
      And we have "auto_provision.custom.protect=1" in the provisioning file, so those phone settings won't be effected by provisioning

    Phone 2 Assitant / Secretary:

    Assitant Account 444

    • BLF Key for 111 (not needed for this scenario, but nice to have)
      BLF Key for 222 Label=direct
      optional BLF Key for 333 (so the assitant can already see how is calling and pickup in the 3 seconds time 333 is ringing)

    Forwarding Rules for Accounts:
    • 111: unavailable: forward to 333
      333: available: forward to 444 after 3 seconds

    So if somebody calls the 111 and the phone is set to unavailable, this is what happens:
    The call will be redirected to 333, there will be a silent ring on phone 1, the only purpose of which is to leave an "missed call" entry in the phone book of the phone. He can pickup the call of course, if he is quick, but this is not the point. Than the call will be forwarded to the assistant 444. The assistant can forward the call, if need be to the secret number 222. This line will still ring, as there is no forwarding set on the phone, just for account 111 on 3cx.

    How do you like it? How do you configure simular situations?
    Maybe their is a more elegant solution.
    The call history is a tough one, as forwarding calls with 3cx doesn't leave an entry in the call history of 3cx. And using the local forwarding funktionality of the phone, would result in the phone not being reachable at all, not even using some secret number. And ringgroups doesn't help neither, as calls picked up be one extension of the group will not appear in the call history of other extensions (which imho is a good thing, it just means, using a ringgroups in the context of creating call history entries won't work). The same goes for calls the ring two phones which are running the same account, there will be no indication of a "lost call".

    An easier setup is to have the 111 after 1 second forward directly to the assisstant. This way, there would be a short ringtone, so it would be a little more disturbing, but saves the "333 silent ringtone account" It might be a nice idea to add an mp3 of an "1st second silent" ringtone to the phone and use this one. This would be a solution combining the advantages of both scenarios.

    I am still working on a similar case.Here the secretAry is the default person to answer the phone with two accounts on her phone. I think the same trick with an extra "silent ring account" should do just fine. But I haven't got the details set yet.

    Best regards Frank
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