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Personalize templates for phonebook

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by ict7, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. ict7

    Nov 16, 2011
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    I'd like to request the ability to do personalize templates for xml phonebook file (snom phonebook.xml, etc...), as I can already do with e-mail.
    I must add a field "action url" (in addition to the classic name, last name and telephone number) into the snom_phonebook.xml in one extention for view the 2n's video stream in snom765, obviously if I customize the xml, just add an extension or modify his name, I add a number in the directory or edit, this xml file is recreated, and I lose my custom string.
  2. Frank_I

    Dec 23, 2016
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    Hi ict7,

    I was investigating the issue with the poor content in the snom_phonebook.xml file. So I've created this workaround. It will work in Windows environment. For other OS you have to modify the commands. Modify the sed commands and the xsl stylesheet for your custom columns

    1. enable access to 3CX postgress database by editing the pg_hba.conf file or use the pwd from the 3CXPhoneSystem.ini file
    pg_hba.conf: "host all all trust"

    2. install pgAdminIII to browse the database (optional)
    3. install sed Utility for file manipulation and a Stylesheet Parser Utility if you are not on Windows OS

    4. use the script I attached to this post and modify the varables in the first rows. It executes these steps:

    4.1 Login to the database and extract the phonebook to xml file
    4.2 1st modification step of phonebook.xml (sed utility)
    4.3 2nd modification step (msxsl)
    4.4 3rd modification step (sed Utility)
    4.5 copy snom_phonebook.xml to provisioning Folder


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