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Phone Provisioning - Snom 320 - BLF mapping not correct

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by nienunb, May 18, 2010.

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  1. nienunb

    Mar 10, 2009
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    I am attempting to provision a Snom 320 phone via the Phone Provioning tab for that particular extension.
    3CX phone system version 8.0.10824 (licensed version).
    Snom 320 phone is firmware version 8.2.29.

    The provisioning is working fine, except for one issue. When I configure the busy lamp fields (BLF's), they are not programmed correctly into the phone.

    I have this BLF configuration set via the provisioning tab:
    BLF 1 = x201
    BLF 2 = x202
    BLF 3 = x203
    BLF 4 = x204
    BLF 5 = x205
    BLF 6 = x206
    BLF 7 = x207
    BLF 8 = x208
    BLF 8 = x209
    BLF 10 = x210
    BLF 11 = x211
    BLF 12 = x215

    BUT, when the phone is provisioned (reset to factory defaults, then rebooted), the BLF's on the phone are programmed as follows:
    BLF 1 = Line
    BLF 2 = Line
    BLF 3 = x201
    BLF 4 = x202
    BLF 5 = x203
    BLF 6 = x204
    BLF 7 = x205
    BLF 8 = x206
    BLF 8 = x207
    BLF 10 = x208
    BLF 11 = x209
    BLF 12 = x210

    When I go back to the Provisioning tab of the extension, my original configuration is still set, it has not been changed.

    Any ideas? Thank you for any feedback!
  2. cloidhamer

    Jan 30, 2009
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    I have changed my default Snom provisioning script, but I believe it makes the first two buttons lines so that you can make calls out. If all your buttons are extensions you would not be able to make any calls out.

    The default provisioning script can be viewed in the admin Settings -> Provisioning Templates.

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