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    Oct 24, 2007
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    Does anyone here have experience getting phones to work via a bridged or ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) connection on a wirelessly networked computer?

    I have several wirelessly networked computers (802.11g/WPA) with embedded Ethernet adapters. The idea is to share or bridge the Ethernet port and run the phone of it, in order not to have to hardwire or add physical bridges to the network.

    So far I have managed to get the ICS going to the point where the phone registers with the PBX. But calls, in or out, can be made, which is most likely a NAT issue.

    Reversly, when trying to bridge the connections the WiFi part of the bridge does not work properly, showing 1 Mbps but offering no connectivity to the outside.

    Has anyone here tried this and can offer insight ...

    Any help is as always appreciated.


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