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    Feb 19, 2007
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    I'm connect to but I cant to make a call I always get:

    ClientRegs::eek:nSuccess: Registration of is successful
    CallConf::eek:nIncoming: Incoming call from Ext.100 to
    StratInOut::eek:nCancel: Call from Ext.100 to 0030763348700 has been terminated
    CallConf::Rejected: Call (C:1) is rejected: Target is not resolved
    CallConf::eek:nIncoming: Can not resolve target for call from "marko"<sip:100@>;tag=cb12cb6a to "101"<sip:101@>
    And I have big problem with VOIP gateway -FXO -- I can't find PLANET eq. for D-Link DVG-3004S, can PLANET work with 3cx. This is for me critical becose I'm able to get any PLANET for 3 to 4 days for testing.
    I'm interesting also in mobile gateway eq. Please HELP
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    Aug 21, 2006
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    Hi, The "@" in your log is looking particularly strange. Do you have internal calls working ? i.e. extension to extension ?

    Can you also please supply some more extensive logs?

    I am sorry but I did not quite understand your question on PLANET. We have not tested with any of their devices so far so I cannot reliably tell you if any of them will work.

    Strangly enough there are not that many mobile/GSM gateways available on the market ! I am sure there are many applications where such devices would be extreemly useful but despite this they are not making that much of an impact. If you do come across a device that works and you are happy with please share your experiences here with us on the forums.

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