Play prompt to agent before or during connect a call

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by VictorSP, Jan 12, 2018.

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    Sep 6, 2016
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    Hi team,

    I've been talking in CFD forum about the possibility of playing a prompt to a agent of a queue before connect him a call or when it has been connected (and placing customer with moh and this prompt to the agent), but it is not possible today.

    This is very usefull for example if the agent's extension is configured to ring also on his mobile phone and he cannot see the softphone/webclient to check if its a queue's call or a private call (with a message fe. "Company call"). It can be also a good idea for queues where people rotate frecuently, to give instructions like "Remember collect ID number and date".

    The best solution could be play only the prompt to the agent (one-way audio) but if it's too much complicated, could be also a great option if plays it both.


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