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Pop up windows when recieving a message on 3CX chat \ new notification method

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by V.., Sep 28, 2017.

Pop up windows when recieving a message on 3CX chat \ new notification method 5 5 9votes
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  1. V..


    Feb 14, 2017
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    Hi guys,

    We have recently migrated a client over from lync to 3CX for their unified communications. Previously staff heavily used the chat features of the lync platform and while 3CX chat is a worthy replacement for their needs many of their staff are missing messages as they work in enviornments where their PCs are muted and they do not notice the colour of the chat indicator changin on the 3CX client. Please could you implement an option to open the chat window automatically when the user recieves a new message or cause a notification in windows on reciept of a message in a chat you currently do not have open. Hopefully this wouldn't be too difficult to include and would, we believe massively increase the useability of chat.


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  2. sutibun

    Nov 6, 2017
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    Having the client minimized too, you don't get a visual notification. Even a popup like the incoming call once would be great! I notice too if I don't have a headset on I miss it.