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Problem with Cisco 7960 and 3CX Callmanager

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by EKMouritsen, Jun 23, 2010.

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  1. EKMouritsen

    Jun 23, 2010
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    I have had now tried for some time to get some Cisco 7960 to work.

    So far i have managed to get them to find and load files from the Tftp, although it doesn't seem like they can find the SIP"MAC-adress".cnf and load this.

    Also the phones write up some error messages in the status when i look on the phones, after they have booted.

    The files look like this:


    image_version: P0S3-8-12-00
    # Extension to dial for voicemail
    messages_uri: “999”
    # Proxy Server
    proxy1_address: “”
    proxy2_address: “”
    proxy3_address: “”
    proxy4_address: “”
    proxy5_address: “”
    proxy6_address: “”
    proxy1_port: 5060
    proxy2_port: 5060
    proxy3_port: 5060
    proxy4_port: 5060
    proxy5_port: 5060
    proxy6_port: 5060
    proxy_register: 1
    timer_register_expires: 600
    preferred_codec: g711ulaw
    tos_media: 5
    dtmf_inband: 1
    dtmf_outofband: avt
    dtmf_db_level: 3
    timer_t1: 500
    timer_t2: 4000
    sip_retx: 10
    sip_invite_retx: 6
    timer_invite_expires: 180
    dial_template: dialplan
    tftp_cfg_dir: “”
    sntp_server: “”
    sntp_mode: directedbroadcast
    time_zone: EST
    dst_offset: 1
    dst_start_month: April
    dst_start_day: “”
    dst_start_day_of_week: Sun
    dst_start_week_of_month: 1
    dst_start_time: 02
    dst_stop_month: Oct
    dst_stop_day: “”
    dst_stop_day_of_week: Sunday
    dst_stop_week_of_month: 8
    dst_stop_time: 2
    dst_auto_adjust: 1
    time_format_24hr: 1
    dnd_control: 0
    callerid_blocking: 0
    anonymous_call_block: 0
    dtmf_avt_payload: 101
    sync: 1
    proxy_backup: “”
    proxy_backup_port: 5060
    proxy_emergency: “”
    proxy_emergency_port: 5060
    enable_vad: 0
    nat_enable: 0
    nat_address: “”
    voip_control_port: 5060
    start_media_port: 16384
    end_media_port: 32766
    nat_received_processing: 0
    outbound_proxy: “”
    outbound_proxy_port: 5060
    cnf_join_enable : 1
    semi_attended_transfer: 1
    telnet_level: 1
    services_url: “”
    directory_url: “”
    logo_url: “”
    http_proxy_addr: “”
    http_proxy_port: 80
    dyn_dns_addr_1: “”
    dyn_dns_addr_2: “”
    dyn_tftp_addr: “”
    remote_party_id: 0
    call_hold_ringback: 0
    stutter_msg_waiting: 0
    call_stats: 0


    phone_label: “IBBE”
    line1_name: “201”
    line1_shortname: “201”
    line1_displayname: “201”
    line1_authname: “201”
    line1_password: “123456abc”


    <member priority="0">
    <loadInformation8 model="IP Phone 7960">P0S3-8-12-00</loadInformation8>




    And the errors on the phones are:

    E600 REG send failure:
    W350 invalid proxy_backup
    W351 invalid proxy_emergency
    W310 6 Error(s) Parsing:
    W220 TFTP Error: Not found IP
    W250 TFTP Error: Not found


    I use pumpkin Tftp and i have also noticed that when looking for the SIP"MAC-adress".cnf it requests the file with some wierd signs in front of the file name like ||SIP"MAC-adress".cnf

    anyone up for helping out? :)
  2. LeonidasG

    LeonidasG Support Team
    Staff Member 3CX Support

    Nov 19, 2008
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    First i'd suggest upgrading your firmware to the SIP version of the Cisco 79XX series.
    Get it from here: http://ftp.itl.ua/pub/cisco/ip-7900ser/

    Now after that is done, try to use the attached configuration files which you will need to modify slightly to match your phone's configuration. You will need to change the MAC Address specified in the file's name to the one of your phone's and the IP of the PBX server.

    Throw them in the TFTP server Folder.
    If your phone does not successfully start up, you will most probably have to spend quite a few hours googling to find the correct configuration of these phones or hope a good Samaritan will show up with the correct config for this phone.

    When you decide that this phone is no longer worth the effort and you cannot take it anymore i'd suggest you buy a nice 525G series Cisco Phone or anything else that takes but 1 minute to configure.
    I know a lot of people have given away their 79XX series simply because of the hell it took them to try and configure them.
    Personally it took me a couple of days to get my 7961 running.( Got 2 of em for free from a frustrated admin :) )
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