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Problem with PUSH and 3G communication

Discussion in 'Android' started by benoit.sauve, Oct 30, 2015.

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  1. benoit.sauve

    Oct 16, 2015
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    We use 3CX Phone for Android. When our phones are connected on local Wi-Fi, we are able to make calls between extensions. If one android use 3G (no wi-fi) and the other is on LAN, it works. But if the two androids are not on local LAN then calling extension ring, we can unhook but we are not able to hear the other. There is no sounds either way. What is happening?

    Also, we have another problem. We configured the PUSH service to receive calls even if phone is in sleep mode. But it doesn't work. When we open our cellphone we have to open the 3CX Phone to receive calls. Otherwise it doesn't ring. Is there any special configuration to make?


  2. Chris_3CX

    Chris_3CX Guest

    Hi Benoit,

    How have the Android devices been provisioned? Has this been tested on WI-FI and 3g/4g Data? How are the phones configured to connect to the 3CX Phone System? i.e Are they using Tunnel mode? Can you confirm that all the necessary ports are open to allow audio?

    For the PUSH related issue, can you confirm that PUSH has been Enabled for the Devices/Extensions in question.
    Are these devices configured to "Keep WI-FI on during sleep" always?
    Do you have Lock WI-FI option set to "Always" in the Advanced Options of the 3CX phone?
    -In v14 SP1 this can be done by going to "Settings" node >> PUSH node >> then in the "Select 3CX Users field" enable the extensions you wish to have PUSH.
    -In v14 SP2 this is done by going to "Extensions" node >> the extension you wish to enable the PUSH feature >> "3CXPhone" tab and tick the "Enable PUSH for Smartphones.

    Kind Regards,

  3. leejor

    leejor Well-Known Member

    Jan 22, 2008
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    As far as the "no sound" issue...there are a few advanced settings (under the account) you might try changing, on the phone to see if there is any difference (the three at the bottom of the list). As suggested try enabling Tunnel, as well, that would put all voice packets on the one port.

    Do you use any other devices (with success) remotely? 3CX windows phone?

    Other than that, you might want to post what provider you are using, others may have has a similar issue.
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