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Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by phil1975uk, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. phil1975uk

    Apr 20, 2007
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    Just wondering if anyone can answer this question.

    I have set up 3CX and it is working great except that, i want to include a mobile into one of the ring groups. So far i have created an extension (100) to ring an external mobile number, this works fine i.e. you call ext 100 from any other extension it rings my mobile.

    I can also set the incoming line to answer then ring ext 100 (the mobile) this also works great.

    So when i add ext 100 to a ring group it rings all ext's on the list but fails to ring the mobile.

    I am using the free version and was wondering if the restrictions are the problem or does the software not do this?
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I do not believe it is version related, it sound like it is routing related (the voice routing that is).

    When 3cx gets a call i diverts to the extension you have configured in your routing table, the reason why it might not make the mobile ring is:

    - delay in connecting your mobile. This is due to the switching that needs to happen to get your mobile to work. Let the phone ring out and see if the mobile actually rings later.
    - running out of SIP ports, eg the incomming call and outbound are on the same line and/or sip port.
    - I heard that some people have problems if there are to many extensions in the ring group. Try to start with one extension and than move to more one at the time see where it stops.

    Can you post the 3cx server log, perhaps there is something in there that can help us out.
  3. Nick Galea

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    Jun 6, 2006
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    Thanks for your feedback.

    I believe this is a bug in the last version and i believe it is fixed in the new version we are soon to upload.
  4. phil1975uk

    Apr 20, 2007
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    Hi all, as i post earlier i have a problem with a ring group. the ringgroup consists of,

    1 Softphone running on my laptop Ext 102
    2 An extension configured to divert straight to mobile number Ext 100

    So my group is No 200 with Ext 100 and 102 in it

    when i ring ext 100 i get my mobile no probs, when i ring ext 102 i get my laptop, when i have them on there own in group they ring ok, but when together just the softphone (ext 102) rings even when left to ring out.

    i have 2 PSTN one for incoming and one for outgoing this works fine with all functions incuding multiple calls and transfer (even to mobile).

    its just this one function that i cant crack !!

    Oh and i have updated the software today. So any ideas ?
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    You have 2 PSTN's ?

    that is actually two lines or two gateways in 3CX?

    Like I mentioned this might be a voice routing isssue.

    What happens

    Incomming to Ext 102, works ok as it does not have to use the external line and it is all working

    Incomming to Ext 100 works ok as 3cx will route to the external party using the configured PSTN

    Incomming to Group 200 does not work, I think it tries to use the allready allocated gateway for dialing out. You have to make sure that this is routed correctly eg have unique UDP ports like 5060 and 5061 for each diffent PSTN line.
    Also you have to tell it that the mobile number is external.
    Silly question, but have you prefixed your mobile number with the dial out prefix you use for your external calls.

    Hope this helps.

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