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Problems with dns.exe

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by blabla, Jul 23, 2008.

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  1. blabla

    Jan 20, 2008
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    Reason: Since the latest security vunerability the DNS process is reserving a much, much larger pool of udp ports for outgoing requests.
    Problem: 3CX is not reserving ports for media traversal (RTP) at startup, but only at session initiation.
    Because DNS.exe is reserving such a large (random) pool, these may interfer (overlap) with 3CX RTP ports resulting in failure of call establishment.

    Fix: Reserve 3CX RTP ports at media server startup and only use ports sucessfully reserved during startup.
    Workarround: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/812873/
  2. blabla

    Jan 20, 2008
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    Re: 3CX Bug - 3CX problems when running on machine with dns.exe

    This problem may also affect the local endpoints DR/VM/Conference, no workarround is possible there because the port ranges do not seem to be configurable, or are they ?
  3. Nick Galea

    Nick Galea Site Admin

    Jun 6, 2006
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    So why is that a 3Cx bug? Isnt it the DNS process hogging all UDP ports?
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  4. blabla

    Jan 20, 2008
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    It is not hogging all, but a large number. And it is ligitimate to do so.

    3CX should not assume that it's port out of the dynamic range of IP adresses are free, but reserve it's pool adresses at startup (like dns.exe) or be able to handle used ports gracefully (e.g.: pick the next one).

    Since all installations running along the windows dns server are affected (all servers that are DCs, all Small Business Servers, etc.) you should be able to handle that situation, since it is quite a nasty bug and hard to track down.

    To be clear: It is not just a problem with dns.exe, ANY program that bindy ports out of the dynamic range (so possibly almost any program using udp) can provoke this problem, it is just dns.exe that made it obvious.
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    This is an issue (not related to the PBX) which has been reported many times.

    The PBX will ony reserve the ports when needed. This is not a "problem", it is EXPECTED functionality. Reserving all ports just in case they are needed is hogging.

    When the issue happens, run netstat -no on the machine to find the process ID of the process using the ports 7000... that the PBX normnally uses.

    If the culprit is the DNS, then this must be configured to use a different port range. It seems Microsoft is expecting all other programs be changed because their DNS server just goes about and hogs ports at will. Somehow, this is not surprising from Microsoft.
  6. blabla

    Jan 20, 2008
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    Well they are "hogged" by 3CX wether they are formaly registered or not, because I have to make sure that no one else ist using the ports, since 3CX can't handle the situation correctly. If you don't want to register the ports at startup: ok
    But then handle the situation: If one of the ports may be used and use the next one.

    That is only a temporary workarround that limits the effect of the problems, it does not fix it.
    !Any! program (not only dns.exe) sending out UDP requests may be assigned an UDP port by the OS out of the dynamic port range (1024-65000 by default).

    If this happens by accident the call establishment will fail, and 3CX does not seem to handle this right at the moment (best handling would be: Before sending out any SDP: check wether 3CX can bind port? no -> try another one).

    One can manually exclude 3CX ports from the dynamic range (posted in KB article), but this sould happen automaticaly during installation.

    And I don't know wether this works for the VM/DRs Media Port because I don't know wether this ports are configurable or fixed.
  7. Henk

    Henk Member

    Nov 13, 2007
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    Personally I think the DNS should work around and release the ports when no longer in use. Having said that, there is a bit of an issue with ports, 3CX uses some ports that are "reserved" for other apps eg

    7000 - 7000 are reserved for AFS3
    9000 - 9003 are reserved for CClistener, ETL Service Manager DynamicID
    10000 - 20000 are reserved for a big range of apps.
    ndmp 10000/tcp Network Data Management Protocol
    ndmp 10000/udp Network Data Management Protocol
    # Brian Ehrmantraut <bae&netapp.com>
    scp-config 10001/tcp SCP Configuration Port
    scp-config 10001/udp SCP Configuration Port
    # Brad Strand <brad.strand&3ware.com>
    documentum 10002/tcp EMC-Documentum Content Server Product
    documentum 10002/udp EMC-Documentum Content Server Product
    documentum_s 10003/tcp EMC-Documentum Content Server Product
    documentum_s 10003/udp EMC-Documentum Content Server Product
    # Reza Bagherian <bagherian_reza&emc.com> 19 July 2007
    emcrmirccd 10004/tcp EMC Replication Manager Client
    # Robert Boudrie <boudrie_rob&emc.com> 09 June 2008
    # 10004/udp Reserved
    emcrmird 10005/tcp EMC Replication Manager Server
    # Robert Boudrie <boudrie_rob&emc.com> 09 June 2008
    # 10005/udp Reserved
    # 10006 Unassigned
    mvs-capacity 10007/tcp MVS Capacity
    mvs-capacity 10007/udp MVS Capacity
    # Donna Dillenberger <engd&us.ibm.com>
    octopus 10008/tcp Octopus Multiplexer
    octopus 10008/udp Octopus Multiplexer
    # Chris Koeritz <fred&gruntose.com> October 2002
    swdtp-sv 10009/tcp Systemwalker Desktop Patrol
    swdtp-sv 10009/udp Systemwalker Desktop Patrol
    # Akira Ide <ide.akira&jp.fujitsu.com> March 2006
    # 10010-10049 Unassigned
    zabbix-agent 10050/tcp Zabbix Agent
    zabbix-agent 10050/udp Zabbix Agent
    zabbix-trapper 10051/tcp Zabbix Trapper
    zabbix-trapper 10051/udp Zabbix Trapper
    # Alexei Vladishev <alexei.vladishev&zabbix.com> February 2006
    # 10052-10079 Unassigned
    amanda 10080/tcp Amanda
    amanda 10080/udp Amanda
    # John Jackson <jrj&gandalf.cc.purdue.edu>
    # <amanda-core&amanda.org>
    famdc 10081/tcp FAM Archive Server
    famdc 10081/udp FAM Archive Server
    # Frode Randers <Frode.Randers&tietoenator.com> January 2006
    # 10082-10099 Unassigned
    itap-ddtp 10100/tcp VERITAS ITAP DDTP
    itap-ddtp 10100/udp VERITAS ITAP DDTP
    # Saugata Guha <sguha&veritas.com> May 2004
    ezmeeting-2 10101/tcp eZmeeting
    ezmeeting-2 10101/udp eZmeeting
    ezproxy-2 10102/tcp eZproxy
    ezproxy-2 10102/udp eZproxy
    ezrelay 10103/tcp eZrelay
    ezrelay 10103/udp eZrelay
    # Albert C. Yang <albert.yang&eZmeeting.com> March 2002
    swdtp 10104/tcp Systemwalker Desktop Patrol
    swdtp 10104/udp Systemwalker Desktop Patrol
    # Akira Ide <ide.akira&jp.fujitsu.com> September 2006
    # 10105-10106 Unassigned
    bctp-server 10107/tcp VERITAS BCTP, server
    bctp-server 10107/udp VERITAS BCTP, server
    # Saugata Guha <sguha&veritas.com> May 2004
    # 10108-10112 Unassigned
    netiq-endpoint 10113/tcp NetIQ Endpoint
    netiq-endpoint 10113/udp NetIQ Endpoint
    netiq-qcheck 10114/tcp NetIQ Qcheck
    netiq-qcheck 10114/udp NetIQ Qcheck
    # John Wood <John.Wood&netiq.com>
    netiq-endpt 10115/tcp NetIQ Endpoint
    netiq-endpt 10115/udp NetIQ Endpoint
    # Gary Weichinger <gary.weichinger&netiq.com>
    netiq-voipa 10116/tcp NetIQ VoIP Assessor
    netiq-voipa 10116/udp NetIQ VoIP Assessor
    # Gary Weichinger <gary.weichinger&netiq.com>
    # 10117-10127 Unassigned
    bmc-perf-sd 10128/tcp BMC-PERFORM-SERVICE DAEMON
    bmc-perf-sd 10128/udp BMC-PERFORM-SERVICE DAEMON
    # Portnoy Boxman <portnoy_boxman&bmc.com>
    # 10129-10159 Unassigned
    qb-db-server 10160/tcp QB Database Server
    qb-db-server 10160/udp QB Database Server
    # Wei Wang <Wei_Wang&intuit.com> November 2005
    # 10161-10199 Unassigned
    trisoap 10200/tcp Trigence AE Soap Service
    trisoap 10200/udp Trigence AE Soap Service
    # Brigitte Gagne <bgagne&trigence.com> August 2006
    # 10201-10251 Unassigned
    apollo-relay 10252/tcp Apollo Relay Port
    apollo-relay 10252/udp Apollo Relay Port
    # Anthony Carrabino <anthonyc&vistasoftware.com> August 2003
    # 10253-10259 Unassigned
    axis-wimp-port 10260/tcp Axis WIMP Port
    axis-wimp-port 10260/udp Axis WIMP Port
    # Stefan Eriksson <contact-iana&axis.com>
    # 10261-10287 Unassigned
    blocks 10288/tcp Blocks
    blocks 10288/udp Blocks
    # Carl Malamud
    # 10289-10539 Unassigned
    MOS-lower 10540/tcp MOS Media Object Metadata Port
    MOS-lower 10540/udp MOS Media Object Metadata Port
    MOS-upper 10541/tcp MOS Running Order Port
    MOS-upper 10541/udp MOS Running Order Port
    MOS-aux 10542/tcp MOS Low Priority Port
    MOS-aux 10542/udp MOS Low Priority Port
    MOS-soap 10543/tcp MOS SOAP Default Port
    MOS-soap 10543/udp MOS SOAP Default Port
    MOS-soap-opt 10544/tcp MOS SOAP Optional Port
    MOS-soap-opt 10544/udp MOS SOAP Optional Port
    # Eric Thorniley <eric&etcomms.co.uk> 17 September 2007
    # 10545-10799 Unassigned
    gap 10800/tcp Gestor de Acaparamiento para Pocket PCs
    gap 10800/udp Gestor de Acaparamiento para Pocket PCs
    # Juan Carlos Olivares Rojas <jcolivares04c&cenidet.edu.mx> March 2006
    # 10801-10804 Unassigned
    lpdg 10805/tcp LUCIA Pareja Data Group
    lpdg 10805/udp LUCIA Pareja Data Group
    # Alvaro P. Dominguez <alpado&gmail.com> February 2006
    # 10806-10989 Unassigned
    rmiaux 10990/tcp Auxiliary RMI Port
    rmiaux 10990/udp Auxiliary RMI Port
    # Eugen Bacic <eugen&texar.com>
    # 10991-10999 Unassigned
    irisa 11000/tcp IRISA
    irisa 11000/udp IRISA
    # V.A. Brauner <info&datamedia.fr>
    metasys 11001/tcp Metasys
    metasys 11001/udp Metasys
    # Tobin Schuster <tobin.j.schuster&jci.com>
    # 11002-11110 Unassigned
    vce 11111/tcp Viral Computing Environment (VCE)
    vce 11111/udp Viral Computing Environment (VCE)
    # Fred Cohen <fc&all.net>
    dicom 11112/tcp DICOM
    dicom 11112/udp DICOM
    # David Clunie <dclunie&dclunie.com> August 2005
    # 11113-11160 Unassigned
    suncacao-snmp 11161/tcp sun cacao snmp access point
    suncacao-snmp 11161/udp sun cacao snmp access point
    suncacao-jmxmp 11162/tcp sun cacao JMX-remoting access point
    suncacao-jmxmp 11162/udp sun cacao JMX-remoting access point
    suncacao-rmi 11163/tcp sun cacao rmi registry access point
    suncacao-rmi 11163/udp sun cacao rmi registry access point
    suncacao-csa 11164/tcp sun cacao command-streaming access point
    suncacao-csa 11164/udp sun cacao command-streaming access point
    suncacao-websvc 11165/tcp sun cacao web service access point
    suncacao-websvc 11165/udp sun cacao web service access point
    # Nick Stephen <nick.stephen&sun.com> August 2005
    # 11166-11200 Unassigned
    smsqp 11201/tcp smsqp
    smsqp 11201/udp smsqp
    # Andres Seco Hernandez <AndresSH&alamin.org>
    # 11202-11207 Unassigned
    wifree 11208/tcp WiFree Service
    wifree 11208/udp WiFree Service
    # Jose Luis Martin Peinado <jooe&wifree-project.net> March 2006
    # 11209-11318 Unassigned
    imip 11319/tcp IMIP
    imip 11319/udp IMIP
    # IM Unified Coalition, Len Zuvela
    # <imu-comments&egroups.com>
    imip-channels 11320/tcp IMIP Channels Port
    imip-channels 11320/udp IMIP Channels Port
    # Len Zuvela <lenz&microsoft.com>
    arena-server 11321/tcp Arena Server Listen
    arena-server 11321/udp Arena Server Listen
    # Earl Brannigan <earl.brannigan&lindenhous.co.uk>
    # 11322-11366 Unassigned
    atm-uhas 11367/tcp ATM UHAS
    atm-uhas 11367/udp ATM UHAS
    # Todd Barker <toddba&attachmate.com>
    # 11368-11370 Unassigned
    hkp 11371/tcp OpenPGP HTTP Keyserver
    hkp 11371/udp OpenPGP HTTP Keyserver
    # David Shaw <dshaw&jabberwocky.com> May 2003
    # 11372-11599 Unassigned
    tempest-port 11600/tcp Tempest Protocol Port
    tempest-port 11600/udp Tempest Protocol Port
    # Francis Cianfrocca <francis&tempest.com>
    # 11601-11719 Unassigned
    h323callsigalt 11720/tcp h323 Call Signal Alternate
    h323callsigalt 11720/udp h323 Call Signal Alternate
    # Chris White <cjwhite&cisco.com>
    # 11721-11750 Unassigned
    intrepid-ssl 11751/tcp Intrepid SSL
    intrepid-ssl 11751/udp Intrepid SSL
    # Robert Eden <reden&sieglertech.com> March 2003
    # 11752-11966 Unassigned
    sysinfo-sp 11967/tcp SysInfo Service Protocol
    sysinfo-sp 11967/udp SysInfo Sercice Protocol
    # Mike Cooper <mcooper&magnicomp.com> March 2003
    # 11968-11996 Unassigned
    wmereceiving 11997/sctp WorldMailExpress
    wmedistribution 11998/sctp WorldMailExpress
    wmereporting 11999/sctp WorldMailExpress
    # Greg Foutz <gregf&adminovation.com> March 2006
    entextxid 12000/tcp IBM Enterprise Extender SNA XID Exchange
    entextxid 12000/udp IBM Enterprise Extender SNA XID Exchange
    entextnetwk 12001/tcp IBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS Network Priority
    entextnetwk 12001/udp IBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS Network Priority
    entexthigh 12002/tcp IBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS High Priority
    entexthigh 12002/udp IBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS High Priority
    entextmed 12003/tcp IBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS Medium Priority
    entextmed 12003/udp IBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS Medium Priority
    entextlow 12004/tcp IBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS Low Priority
    entextlow 12004/udp IBM Enterprise Extender SNA COS Low Priority
    # Eugene Cox <genecox&raleigh.ibm.com>
    dbisamserver1 12005/tcp DBISAM Database Server - Regular
    dbisamserver1 12005/udp DBISAM Database Server - Regular
    dbisamserver2 12006/tcp DBISAM Database Server - Admin
    dbisamserver2 12006/udp DBISAM Database Server - Admin
    # Tim Young <timyoung&elevatesoft.com> May 2002
    accuracer 12007/tcp Accuracer Database System ñ Server
    accuracer 12007/udp Accuracer Database System ñ Server
    accuracer-dbms 12008/tcp Accuracer Database System ñ Admin
    accuracer-dbms 12008/udp Accuracer Database System ñ Admin
    # Alexander V. Ivanov <support&aidaim.com> December 2004
    # 12009-12011 Unassigned
    vipera 12012/tcp Vipera Messaging Service
    vipera 12012/udp Vipera Messaging Service
    # Silvano Maffeis <maffeis&acm.org> August 2005
    vipera-ssl 12013/tcp Vipera Messaging Service over SSL Communication
    vipera-ssl 12013/udp Vipera Messaging Service over SSL Communication
    # Silvano Maffeis <maffeis&acm.org> 16 January 2008
    # 12014-12108 Unassigned
    rets-ssl 12109/tcp RETS over SSL
    rets-ssl 12109/udp RETS over SSL
    # Bruce Toback <btoback&optc.com> February 2003
    # 12110-12120 Unassigned
    nupaper-ss 12121/tcp NuPaper Session Service
    nupaper-ss 12121/udp NuPaper Session Service
    # David Warden <warden&nupaper.com> November 2005
    # 12122-12167 Unassigned
    cawas 12168/tcp CA Web Access Service
    cawas 12168/udp CA Web Access Service
    # Jon Press <IANA.Registions&ca.com> August 2005
    # 12169-12171 Unassigned
    hivep 12172/tcp HiveP
    hivep 12172/udp HiveP
    # Dick Augustsson <dick&skenbe.net>
    # 12173-12299 Unassigned
    linogridengine 12300/tcp LinoGrid Engine
    linogridengine 12300/udp LinoGrid Engine
    # Frans Lundberg <frans&linova.com> November 2004
    # 12301-12320 Unassigned
    warehouse-sss 12321/tcp Warehouse Monitoring Syst SSS
    warehouse-sss 12321/udp Warehouse Monitoring Syst SSS
    warehouse 12322/tcp Warehouse Monitoring Syst
    warehouse 12322/udp Warehouse Monitoring Syst
    # Craig Steffen <csteffen&ncsa.uiuc.edu> August 2005
    # 12323-12344 Unassigned
    italk 12345/tcp Italk Chat System
    italk 12345/udp Italk Chat System
    # Takayuki Ito <yuki&euc.jp>
    # 12346-12752 Unassigned
    tsaf 12753/tcp tsaf port
    tsaf 12753/udp tsaf port
    # Andreas Fehr <andreas&mrs.ch>
    # 12754-13159 Unassigned
    i-zipqd 13160/tcp I-ZIPQD
    i-zipqd 13160/udp I-ZIPQD
    # Chuck Runquist <crunquist&quarterdeck.com>
    # 13161-13222 Unassigned
    powwow-client 13223/tcp PowWow Client
    powwow-client 13223/udp PowWow Client
    powwow-server 13224/tcp PowWow Server
    powwow-server 13224/udp PowWow Server
    # Paul K. Peterson <paul&tribal.com>
    # 13225-13719 Unassigned
    bprd 13720/tcp BPRD Protocol (VERITAS NetBackup)
    bprd 13720/udp BPRD Protocol (VERITAS NetBackup)
    bpdbm 13721/tcp BPDBM Protocol (VERITAS NetBackup)
    bpdbm 13721/udp BPDBM Protocol (VERITAS NetBackup)
    # Jeff Holmbeck <Jeff.Holmbeck&veritas.com>
    bpjava-msvc 13722/tcp BP Java MSVC Protocol
    bpjava-msvc 13722/udp BP Java MSVC Protocol
    # Tim Schmidt <Tim.Schmidt&veritas.com>
    # 13723 Unassigned
    vnetd 13724/tcp Veritas Network Utility
    vnetd 13724/udp Veritas Network Utility
    # Jeff Holmbeck <Jeff.Holmbeck&veritas.com>
    # 13725-13781 Unassigned
    bpcd 13782/tcp VERITAS NetBackup
    bpcd 13782/udp VERITAS NetBackup
    vopied 13783/tcp VOPIED Protocol
    vopied 13783/udp VOPIED Protocol
    # Jeff Holmbeck <Jeff.Holmbeck&veritas.com>
    # 13784 Unassigned
    nbdb 13785/tcp NetBackup Database
    nbdb 13785/udp NetBackup Database
    # Pat Tovo <pat.tovo&veritas.com> December 2004
    nomdb 13786/tcp Veritas-nomdb
    nomdb 13786/udp Veritas-nomdb
    # Clayton Haapala <clay.haapala&veritas.com> August 2005
    # 13787-13817 Unassigned
    dsmcc-config 13818/tcp DSMCC Config
    dsmcc-config 13818/udp DSMCC Config
    dsmcc-session 13819/tcp DSMCC Session Messages
    dsmcc-session 13819/udp DSMCC Session Messages
    dsmcc-passthru 13820/tcp DSMCC Pass-Thru Messages
    dsmcc-passthru 13820/udp DSMCC Pass-Thru Messages
    dsmcc-download 13821/tcp DSMCC Download Protocol
    dsmcc-download 13821/udp DSMCC Download Protocol
    dsmcc-ccp 13822/tcp DSMCC Channel Change Protocol
    dsmcc-ccp 13822/udp DSMCC Channel Change Protocol
    # Tim Addington <Tim.Addington&sciatl.com>
    # ISO/IEC 13818-6 MPEG-2 DSM-CC
    # 13823-13999 Unassigned
    scotty-ft 14000/tcp SCOTTY High-Speed Filetransfer
    scotty-ft 14000/udp SCOTTY High-Speed Filetransfer
    # Patrick Verbeek <p.verbeek&scottygroup.com> May 2007
    sua 14001/tcp SUA
    sua 14001/udp De-Registered (2001 June 06)
    sua 14001/sctp SUA
    # Miguel Angel Garcia <Miguel.A.Garcia&ericsson.com>
    # 14002-14032 Unassigned
    sage-best-com1 14033/tcp sage Best! Config Server 1
    sage-best-com1 14033/udp sage Best! Config Server 1
    sage-best-com2 14034/tcp sage Best! Config Server 2
    sage-best-com2 14034/udp sage Best! Config Server 2
    # Christian Rubach <Christian_Rubach&bestsoftware.com>
    # 14035-14140 Unassigned
    vcs-app 14141/tcp VCS Application
    vcs-app 14141/udp VCS Application
    # Ming Xu <ming&veritas.com>
    icpp 14142/tcp IceWall Cert Protocol
    icpp 14142/udp IceWall Cert Protocol
    # Tsutomu Fujinami <tsutomu.fujinami&hp.com> August 2005
    # 14143-14144 Unassigned
    gcm-app 14145/tcp GCM Application
    gcm-app 14145/udp GCM Application
    # Ming Xu <ming&veritas.com>
    # 14146-14148 Unassigned
    vrts-tdd 14149/tcp Veritas Traffic Director
    vrts-tdd 14149/udp Veritas Traffic Director
    # Sameer Deokule <sameer.deokule&veritas.com> March 2002
    # 14150-14153 Unassigned
    vad 14154/tcp Veritas Application Director
    vad 14154/udp Veritas Application Director
    # Rajeev Verma <rajeev_verma&symantec.com> February 2006
    # 14155-14249 Unassigned
    cps 14250/tcp Fencing Server
    cps 14250/udp Fencing Server
    # Mayank Vasa <mayank_vasa&symantec.com> 03 April 2008
    # 14251-14413 Unassigned
    ca-web-update 14414/tcp CA eTrust Web Update Service
    ca-web-update 14414/udp CA eTrust Web Update Service
    # Robert Ciochon <robert.ciochon&ca.com> August 2006
    # 14415-14935 Unassigned
    hde-lcesrvr-1 14936/tcp hde-lcesrvr-1
    hde-lcesrvr-1 14936/udp hde-lcesrvr-1
    hde-lcesrvr-2 14937/tcp hde-lcesrvr-2
    hde-lcesrvr-2 14937/udp hde-lcesrvr-2
    # Horizon Digital Enterprise, Inc. <info&hde.co.jp>
    # 14938-14999 Unassigned
    hydap 15000/tcp Hypack Data Aquisition
    hydap 15000/udp Hypack Data Aquisition
    # Mircea Neacsu <mircea&videotron.ca>
    # 15001-15344 Unassigned
    xpilot 15345/tcp XPilot Contact Port
    xpilot 15345/udp XPilot Contact Port
    # Bert Gijsbers <bert&xpilot.org>
    # 15346-15362 Unassigned
    3link 15363/tcp 3Link Negotiation
    3link 15363/udp 3Link Negotiation
    # Brant Thomsen <brant_thomsen&3com.com> January 2003
    # 15364-15554 Unassigned
    cisco-snat 15555/tcp Cisco Stateful NAT
    cisco-snat 15555/udp Cisco Stateful NAT
    # Kaushik Biswas <kbiswas&cisco.com> March 2006
    # 15556-15659 Unassigned
    bex-xr 15660/tcp Backup Express Restore Server
    bex-xr 15660/udp Backup Express Restore Server
    # Chi Shih Chang <cchang&syncsort.com> 19 March 2008
    # 15661-15739 Unassigned
    ptp 15740/tcp Picture Transfer Protocol
    ptp 15740/udp Picture Transfer Protocol
    # Petronel Bigioi <petronel&fotonation.com> November 2004
    # 15741-16160 Unassigned
    sun-sea-port 16161/tcp Solaris SEA Port
    sun-sea-port 16161/udp Solaris SEA Port
    # Dana Porter <dana.porter&sun.com> October 2003
    # 16162-16308 Unassigned
    etb4j 16309/tcp etb4j
    etb4j 16309/udp etb4j
    # Christopher R. Smith <csmith4&us.ibm.com> November 2004
    pduncs 16310/tcp Policy Distribute, Update Notification
    pduncs 16310/udp Policy Distribute, Update Notification
    # Diane I. Shannon <shannond&us.ibm.com> August 2006
    pdefmns 16311/tcp Policy definition and update management
    pdefmns 16311/udp Policy definition and update management
    # Diane I. Shannon <shannond&us.ibm.com> April 2007
    # 16312-16359 Unassigned
    netserialext1 16360/tcp Network Serial Extension Ports One
    netserialext1 16360/udp Network Serial Extension Ports One
    netserialext2 16361/tcp Network Serial Extension Ports Two
    netserialext2 16361/udp Network Serial Extension Ports Two
    # Michael J Hoy <mhoy&canberra-abq.com>
    # 16362-16366 Unassigned
    netserialext3 16367/tcp Network Serial Extension Ports Three
    netserialext3 16367/udp Network Serial Extension Ports Three
    netserialext4 16368/tcp Network Serial Extension Ports Four
    netserialext4 16368/udp Network Serial Extension Ports Four
    # Michael J Hoy <mhoy&canberra-abq.com>
    # 16369-16383 Unassigned
    connected 16384/tcp Connected Corp
    connected 16384/udp Connected Corp
    # Nicole C. Ouellette <nouellette&connected.com> February 2004
    # 16385-16949 Unassigned
    sgcip 16950/tcp Simple Generic Client Interface Protocol
    sgcip 16950/udp Simple Generic Client Interface Protocol
    # John Aquilino <john.aquilino&maryville.com>
    # 16951-16990 Unassigned
    intel-rci-mp 16991/tcp INTEL-RCI-MP
    intel-rci-mp 16991/udp INTEL-RCI-MP
    # Jane Dashevsky <jane.dashevsky&intel.com>
    amt-soap-http 16992/tcp Intel(R) AMT SOAP/HTTP
    amt-soap-http 16992/udp Intel(R) AMT SOAP/HTTP
    amt-soap-https 16993/tcp Intel(R) AMT SOAP/HTTPS
    amt-soap-https 16993/udp Intel(R) AMT SOAP/HTTPS
    # David T. Hines <david.hines&intel.com> February 2005
    amt-redir-tcp 16994/tcp Intel(R) AMT Redirection/TCP
    amt-redir-tcp 16994/udp Intel(R) AMT Redirection/TCP
    amt-redir-tls 16995/tcp Intel(R) AMT Redirection/TLS
    amt-redir-tls 16995/udp Intel(R) AMT Redirection/TLS
    # Nimrod Diamant <nimrod.diamant&intel.com> February 2005
    # 16996-17006 Unassigned
    isode-dua 17007/tcp
    isode-dua 17007/udp
    # 17008-17184 Unassigned
    soundsvirtual 17185/tcp Sounds Virtual
    soundsvirtual 17185/udp Sounds Virtual
    # Richard Snider <rsnider&sounds.com>
    # 17186-17218 Unassigned
    chipper 17219/tcp Chipper
    chipper 17219/udp Chipper
    # Ronald Jimmink <Ronald.Jimmink&chipper.nl>
    # 17220-17234 Unassigned
    ssh-mgmt 17235/tcp SSH Tectia Manager
    ssh-mgmt 17235/udp SSH Tectia Manager
    # Ville Laurikari <vlaurika&ssh.com> August 2005
    # 17236-17728 Unassigned
    ea 17729/tcp Eclipse Aviation
    ea 17729/udp Eclipse Aviation
    # William Schmidt <info&eclipseaviation.com> March 2006
    # 17730-17753 Unassigned
    zep 17754/tcp Encap. ZigBee Packets
    zep 17754/udp Encap. ZigBee Packets
    # Fred Fierling <fff&exegin.com> February 2006
    zigbee-ip 17755/tcp ZigBee IP Transport Service
    zigbee-ip 17755/udp ZigBee IP Transport Service
    zigbee-ips 17756/tcp ZigBee IP Transport Secure Service
    zigbee-ips 17756/udp ZigBee IP Transport Secure Service
    # Chris Herzog <zog&stg.com> May 2006
    # 17757-17999 Unassigned
    biimenu 18000/tcp Beckman Instruments, Inc.
    biimenu 18000/udp Beckman Instruments, Inc.
    # 18001-18180 Unassigned
    opsec-cvp 18181/tcp OPSEC CVP
    opsec-cvp 18181/udp OPSEC CVP
    opsec-ufp 18182/tcp OPSEC UFP
    opsec-ufp 18182/udp OPSEC UFP
    # Alon Kantor <alonk&checkpoint.com>
    opsec-sam 18183/tcp OPSEC SAM
    opsec-sam 18183/udp OPSEC SAM
    opsec-lea 18184/tcp OPSEC LEA
    opsec-lea 18184/udp OPSEC LEA
    opsec-omi 18185/tcp OPSEC OMI
    opsec-omi 18185/udp OPSEC OMI
    # Alon Kantor <alonk&checkpoint.com>
    ohsc 18186/tcp Occupational Health SC
    ohsc 18186/udp Occupational Health Sc
    # David Fudge <david.fudge&tssi.co.uk> August 2003
    opsec-ela 18187/tcp OPSEC ELA
    opsec-ela 18187/udp OPSEC ELA
    # Alon Kantor <alonk&checkpoint.com>
    # 18188-18240 Unassigned
    checkpoint-rtm 18241/tcp Check Point RTM
    checkpoint-rtm 18241/udp Check Point RTM
    # Dudi Hazan <dudi&checkpoint.com>
    # 18242-18261 Unassigned
    gv-pf 18262/tcp GV NetConfig Service
    gv-pf 18262/udp GV NetConfig Service
    # Scott Libert <scott.libert&thomson.net> 29 January 2008
    # 18263-18462 Unassigned
    ac-cluster 18463/tcp AC Cluster
    ac-cluster 18463/udp AC Cluster
    # Lisa Zhong <lzhong&cup.hp.com>
    # 18464-18768 Unassigned
    ique 18769/tcp IQue Protocol
    ique 18769/udp IQue Protocol
    # Avi Drissman <ique-protocol&harrisbaseview.com> July 2002
    # 18770-18880 Unassigned
    infotos 18881/tcp Infotos
    infotos 18881/udp Infotos
    # Marcel Dube <marceldube&videotron.ca> November 2004
    # 18882-18887 Unassigned
    apc-necmp 18888/tcp APCNECMP
    apc-necmp 18888/udp APCNECMP
    # Michael Yip <Michael.Yip&alcatel.com>
    # 18889-18999 Unassigned
    igrid 19000/tcp iGrid Server
    igrid 19000/udp iGrid Server
    # Massimo Cafaro <massimo.cafaro&unile.it> November 2004
    # 19001-19190 Unassigned
    opsec-uaa 19191/tcp OPSEC UAA
    opsec-uaa 19191/udp OPSEC UAA
    # Reuven Harrison <rnd_ana&checkpoint.com>
    # 19192-19193 Unassigned
    ua-secureagent 19194/tcp UserAuthority SecureAgent
    ua-secureagent 19194/udp UserAuthority SecureAgent
    # Reuven Harrison <rharrison&checkpoint.com> January 2003
    # 19195-19282 Unassigned
    keysrvr 19283/tcp Key Server for SASSAFRAS
    keysrvr 19283/udp Key Server for SASSAFRAS
    # Mark Valence <kurash&sassafras.com>
    # 19284-19314 Unassigned
    keyshadow 19315/tcp Key Shadow for SASSAFRAS
    keyshadow 19315/udp Key Shadow for SASSAFRAS
    # Mark Valence <kurash&sassafras.com>
    # 19316-19397 Unassigned
    mtrgtrans 19398/tcp mtrgtrans
    mtrgtrans 19398/udp mtrgtrans
    # Katsuhito Muroi <muroi&pfu.co.jp>
    # 19399-19409 Unassigned
    hp-sco 19410/tcp hp-sco
    hp-sco 19410/udp hp-sco
    hp-sca 19411/tcp hp-sca
    hp-sca 19411/udp hp-sca
    # Larry Schwartz <lrs&cup.hp.com>
    hp-sessmon 19412/tcp HP-SESSMON
    hp-sessmon 19412/udp HP-SESSMON
    # Gita Murthy <gita&cup.hp.com>
    # 19413-19538 Unassigned
    fxuptp 19539/tcp FXUPTP
    fxuptp 19539/udp FXUPTP
    # Keiji Okuma <okuma&silex.jp> August 2005
    sxuptp 19540/tcp SXUPTP
    sxuptp 19540/udp SXUPTP
    # Keiji Okuma <okuma&silex.jp> August 2002
    jcp 19541/tcp JCP Client
    jcp 19541/udp JCP Client
    # Yuji Sasaki <sasaki&silex.jp>
    # 19542-19999 Unassigned
    dnp 20000/tcp DNP
    dnp 20000/udp DNP

    But if you do not use any of those than it should work just fine, and DNS.exe should play nice. 3CX from my understanding plays nice with and per IANA.
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  8. blabla

    Jan 20, 2008
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    Again the emphasis: This is not a dns.exe problem, it is in no way limited to computers running dns.exe ... it is just more obvious and acute on computers running dns.exe .

    Also: The behaviour of dns.exe is not unusal or faulty (it is requesting a pool of ports assigned by the OS from the pool of dynamic udp ports, 100% standard compliant), it is the 3CX behaviour that is at fault in assuming all ports it will use are free at any time. This asumption is wrong, since the OS may at random assign these ports to any application requesting an socket for udp sending.
  9. Henk

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    Nov 13, 2007
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    Bla bla,

    I think you are missing the point, if a port is registered for an application then that application should "own" the port as such. If 3CX is using a port that is globally recognized for other applications than you as an ADMIN of the system should configure 3CX to use a port that is available.

    3CX allows you to configure ports to your liking, if you still have problems with it, I suggest some homework.

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  10. blabla

    Jan 20, 2008
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    The point are not server ports, the points are port used applications acting as a client.

    Ports out of the dynamic range mostly used be clients applications to send contact a server are not owned by application or IANA registered. They simply come out of the pool of dynamic ports managed by the OS.

    The application does not decide which local port it will bind to, the OS will. And if the 3CX ports are not bound to sockets at startup or are explicitly excempt from the dynamic pool, (through a registry hack) collisions will occur.

    Example: Application A wants to connect to server application B. Application a says: Operating system, give me a UDP socket, I want to send to server at IP and port 1234 ... the OS then creates a socket, bound to the appropriate IP and .. a random port out of the dynamic port pool.
    This random port may be one of 3CXs ports, and if this happens 3CX can not handle it gracefully.

  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Development and support are in discussions over it. Although highly unlikely for v6.
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