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Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by Elysium, Jan 22, 2008.

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    I'm very new to this. I heard for 3CX Phone System yesterday and I did my first instalation on my test server yesterday evening. It works perfectly.

    But I have a few questions. I currently use VoipDiscount as my VOIP provider to make calls to normal fixed phones. What I'd like to add is that 3CX Phone System would route calls to PSTN network and receive calls from this network. I'd like to do that because in some cases calls over VOIP provider can be more expensive. I'd also like to add a GSM gateway later, but this is another story.

    More detailed:
    Someone who would like to call me doesn't have a SIP phone. In the best case I won't have any classic phone. I would that this person would call me over the PSTN network and a device (possibly Linksys SPA3102) would connect him to 3CX Phone System. And from there the call would be routed to a selected SIP phone at my home.

    OK. Someone would tell me that I have to search the forum. I currently have lots of information and it makes me confusing.

    I think I should have Linksys SPA3102 to do what I'd like to do, but I called the Linksys representative and he explained to me I would need Linksys SPA400. I'm not sure he knew what he's talking about. Would someone please tell me what would I really need?

    Another thing is that I don't have analogue line but two ISDN lines.

    Thanks for any info.
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    It sounds like you have VoipDiscount AND two ISDN lines, is this correct? You can set up the VoipDiscount line as an external trunk on the PBX but you'll need an ATA to run your phone as an extension. If the ATA (analogue telephone adapter) that you currently use with VoipDiscount is "unlocked" (you can change the settings) AND VoipDiscount allows you to register devices other than the the ATA you are currently using...then this is the way to go. As far as the ISDN lines, you'd need a gateway device for each analogue line you want to add as a trunk to the PBX. Can you plug "regular" telephones into your ISDN adapter? I use the Sipura SPA-3000, it has both a telephone ATA and a gateway, all in one box. Cisco now owns them and they a number of devices that would fit the bill for you, but they aren't necessarily the cheapest.
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    You must use a supported ISDN gateway. Patton is recommended for ISDN. See support pages
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    You can also use AudioCodes BRI Gateway for ISDN. It is easy to configure and just works perfect, I have tested it myself.


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