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Putting things in management console vs custom templates

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by tratz, Aug 30, 2017.

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  1. tratz

    tratz New Member

    Oct 21, 2015
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    Since there is a thread on what should be added to the management console vs custom templates. I will throw in my 2 cents on what i think should be added (not expecting everything to be :

    • Ability to do multicast paging - This is normally biggest pet pieve. Touching 300+ phones is a royal pain in the neck to add in the paging addresses and priority when logging into direct to each phone and when the phone refreshes it loses the settings.
    • Ability to change /set multiple BLF keys on multiple phones at once - Again it can be done manually (the more phones to do it is more of a pain in the neck it is)or copy the template and hit reprovision.
    • Have the BLF keys do other features than listed - A good example is to set the multicast address for multicast paging. If using a cloud PBX having the multicast address listed there wouldn't be of any help and should be assigned to BLF key on a phone
    • Have the speed dial keys accept special characters in speed dial. I have an issue where i need to setup a DSS key for an executive that contains pauses. The only way to do that is either manually or from a template. With yealink phones and V81 it requires some macro programming for a fanvil it is the ^ symbol.
    • Ability to upload a company logo - For 3cx to give us the size requirements for the phones and the ability to upload a logo.
    • Ability to add phonebooks and work with what the manufacturer has - Yealink has the ability to add multiple phonebooks from each PBX. Fanvil has an XML phonebook
    • Some notifications on phones - Some staff wanted the missed calls and voicemail notifications on phones
    • VPN settings - Enabling the openvpn for phones (i understand in installing client certs to the phones but at least enabling the option)

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  2. Joe W

    Apr 10, 2017
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    I would add in the ability to turn off the screensaver completely, at least for the T19. I was one of the people in that thread bring up mass changes like the BLF or Wallpaper. So I am all behind that.