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Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by giorgiobusoni, Jul 12, 2016.

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  1. giorgiobusoni

    Apr 6, 2011
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    Hi all,

    I am an happy user of the free edition of 3cx since v9 or 10, don't remember exactly. I use it both for me and my parent's house.
    Since v12 the free edition didn't feature anymore the service pack upgrades, meaning that to upograde to new version one had to backup, uninstall and restore the backup, so I stopped updating at v12 SP1 my parent's version (I use v14).
    Few time ago somehow the demo key for v12 SP1 got disabled and I could not use ring groups anymore (I use it at home, but I like to have different extensions for the various phones, so I was using a ring group to make all of the ring)
    see: post181756.html#p181756

    So I had to update to v12 SP2 as suggested in the tread above, and now I'm still using that for my parents.

    Now I see v15 came out, so I was thinking about the upgrade, but I have a few doubts:

    1)I read here that either you install the new version without importing the backup and you can use the free key, OR you import the backup, but then you'll use the old license that needs to have manteinance (that the free key does not have of course). Is not possible for free version users to upgrade?
    2)Here instead 3cx-phone-system-v15-install-instructions-and-feedback-45000.html they don't mention any problems in upgrading using the free key
    3)Last but not least, here I see that some services, comparing to previous versions, are not absent in v15 free, like bridge (i have a bridge between my parents an my 3cx, to save on direct calls). Also other feature, that I remember were present in previous editions, even though I was not using them (like Exchange integrations) are now removed. What about ring groups, are they disabled as well? What other feature was femoved in the free edition?
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    Jun 2, 2014
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    In your case try the following:
    1) Make a Full backup of V14
    2) Install V15 and one the DOS-like config window appears press '2' to restore a backup and press enter.
    3) Give the path to the backup file and pres enter.
    4) At this point:
    -- a) If it prompts you to enter a License Key, use a V15 PBX Edition Key and proceed normally.
    -- b) If it DOES NOT ask you for a License Key and skips directly to the Public IP options, at that point press ESC which will take you to the License Key step, remove them one there, enter a V15 PBX Edition Key, then proceed.

    Indeed the PBX Edition key does not have some features that the previous Free Edition had, but now you do have 8 Sim Calls to test with.
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