Queue Out of Office Time, just an announcement, no possibility/function of pushing key

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    Feb 14, 2018
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    I try to setup an IVR which is played at out of office times.
    I just want to play an announcement and no possibilty of pushing keys or leave an message by the caller.
    By the IVR setup there is no option of "if input is invalid then:" nothing or anythink like that. At the moment repeat prompt is selected.
    I didn´t programmed any key in the IVR.
    The problem is that when the caller is pressing an extension number the call is transferred to the extension, or when he press anything else with more then 1 key an announcement says that the route is not correct.
    Is it possible to program it like I want by IVR, or do I have go another way, like mailbox ?
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    Hi emo89,

    You cannot turn off the ability to hit DTMF digits in the IVR - this has been requested several times by partners on the forums before.

    On a queue you can have an introductory message played before forwarding to the queue itself- his may help.
  3. leejor

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    Jan 22, 2008
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    I would use a mailbox and leave a long silence at the end of the recording so the caller doesn't get the idea to leave a message. You could even record a busy signal, at the end, to indicate that they should now hang up.
  4. Marari

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    The way I set mine up is to forward the calls to the 000 extension outside of globally defined business hours.

    The 000 extension (in this particular config) goes straight to voicemail with a greeting telling the caller they have called outside of regular business hours. The only options are to leave a message or hang up.

    If a caller chooses to hit an extension (for example, 101), it bounces right back to the 000 extension voicemail.
  5. voiptoys

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    Feb 13, 2013
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    You could use a CFD application that plays a prompt and hangs up. Then they can't dial any other extensions.
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