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Re: Configuration For CP-7960G

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by ipgflorida, Jun 18, 2013.

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  1. ipgflorida

    Jun 17, 2013
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    If anyone can help me resolve this issue I would be greatly appreciated as I am stumped!

    Currently I have the Cisco CP-7960G SIP phone with P0S3-07-5-00 SIP firmware. I cannot get it to register with either 3CX, or the phone provider that I am trying to get it to connect to since I couldn't get it to connect with 3CX (If I can get it to connect to my phone provider I would quickly switch back to 3CX as I could then use 3CX, which is much cheaper).

    My configuration files are found below. If someone can please post back saying what is wrong with my configuration files it would be greatly appreciated. I can then take this advise and turn it over to connect to my 3CX system.

    SIP001FCA373BD7 (.cnf)

    # phone-specific configuration file sample
    line1_name : VOIPo
    line1_authname : "863824776320XX"
    line1_password : "A88249A5D106CXX"
    line1_shortname : "Line 1"
    line1_displayname : "VOIPo"
    proxy1_address: "sip.phonepower.com" ; Can be dotted IP or FQDN
    proxy1_port: 5070
    ####### New Parameters added in Release 2.0 #######
    # Phone Label (Text desired to be displayed in upper right corner)
    phone_label: "VoIP/Sorcery " ; Has no effect on SIP messaging
    # Line 1 Display Name (Display name to use for SIP messaging)
    line1_displayname: "VOIPo"
    ####### New Parameters added in Release 3.0 ######
    # Phone Prompt (The prompt that will be displayed on console and telnet)
    phone_prompt: "SIP_7960: " ; Limited to 15 characters (Default - SIP Phone)
    # Phone Password (Password to be used for console or telnet login)
    phone_password: "cisco" ; Limited to 31 characters (Default - cisco)
    # User classifcation used when Registering [ none(default), phone, ip ]
    user_info: none
    telnet_level: "2" 
    phone_prompt: "Cisco7960” 
    phone_password: "cisco" 
    enable_vad: "0" 
    network_media_type: "auto" 
    user_info: phone
    SIPDefault (.cnf)

    # sip default configuration file
    # Image Version for upgrade
    ;image_version: P0S3-07-5-00 ;
    # Proxy server address
    # Proxy Registration (0-disable (default), 1-enable)
    proxy_register: 1
    proxy1_address: "sip.phonepower.com" ; Can be dotted IP or FQDN
    # Phone Registration Expiration [1-3932100 sec] (Default - 3600)
    timer_register_expires: 600
    # Codec for media stream (g711ulaw (default), g711alaw, g729a)
    preferred_codec: g711ulaw
    # TOS bits in media stream [0-5] (Default - 5) ?changed to dscp
    # tos_media: 5
    dscpForAudio: 184
    # Inband DTMF Settings (0-disable, 1-enable (default))
    dtmf_inband: 1
    # Out of band DTMF Settings (none-disable, avt-avt enable (default), avt_always - always avt )
    dtmf_outofband: avt
    # DTMF dB Level Settings (1-6dB down, 2-3db down, 3-nominal (default), 4-3db up, 5-6dB up)
    dtmf_db_level: 3
    # SIP Timers
    timer_t1: 500 ; Default 500 msec
    timer_t2: 4000 ; Default 4 sec
    sip_retx: 10 ; Default 10
    sip_invite_retx: 6 ; Default 6
    timer_invite_expires: 180 ; Default 180 sec
    # Dialplan template (.xml format file relative to the TFTP root directory)
    dial_template: dialplan
    # TFTP Phone Specific Configuration File Directory
    tftp_cfg_dir: "" ; Example: ./sip_phone/
    # Time Server (There are multiple values and configurations refer to Admin Guide for Specifics)
    # sntp_server: "" ; SNTP Server IP Address (this is ntp1.ja.net)
    sntp_server: "" ; SNTP Server IP Address (this is ntp2.usno.navy.mil)
    sntp_mode: directedbroadcast ; unicast, multicast, anycast, or directedbroadcast (default)
    time_zone: EST ; Time Zone Phone is in
    dst_offset: 1 ; Offset from Phone's time when DST is in effect
    dst_start_month: "March" ; Month in which DST starts
    dst_start_day: 0 ; Day of month in which DST starts
    dst_start_day_of_week: "Sun" ; Day of week in which DST starts
    dst_start_week_of_month: 2 ; Week of month in which DST starts
    dst_start_time: 02 ; Time of day in which DST starts
    dst_stop_month: "Nov" ; Month in which DST stops
    dst_stop_day: 0 ; Day of month in which DST stops
    dst_stop_day_of_week: "Sun" ; Day of week in which DST stops
    dst_stop_week_of_month: 1 ; Week of month in which DST stops 8=last week of month
    dst_stop_time: 2 ; Time of day in which DST stops
    dst_auto_adjust: 1 ; Enable(1-Default)/Disable(0) DST automatic adjustment
    time_format_24hr: 0 ; Enable(1 - 24Hr Default)/Disable(0 - 12Hr)
    dnd_control: 0 ; Default 0 (Do Not Disturb feature is off)
    callerid_blocking: 0 ; Default 0 (Disable sending all calls as anonymous)
    anonymous_call_block: 0 ; Default 0 (Disable blocking of anonymous calls)
    dtmf_avt_payload: 101 ; Default 101
    # Sync value of the phone used for remote reset
    sync: 1 ; Default 1
    proxy_backup: "" ; Dotted IP of Backup Proxy
    proxy_backup_port: 5060 ; Backup Proxy port (default is 5060)
    proxy_emergency: "" ; Dotted IP of Emergency Proxy
    proxy_emergency_port: 5060 ; Emergency Proxy port (default is 5060)
    # Configurable VAD option
    enable_vad: 0 ; VAD setting 0-disable (Default), 1-enable
    nat_enable: 1 ; 0-Disabled (default), 1-Enabled
    nat_address: ; WAN IP address of NAT box (dotted IP or DNS A record only)
    voip_control_port: 5060 ; UDP port used for SIP messages (default - 5060)
    start_media_port: 16384 ; Start RTP range for media (default - 16384)
    end_media_port: 32766 ; End RTP range for media (default - 32766)
    nat_received_processing: 1 ; 0-Disabled (default), 1-Enabled
    # outbound_proxy: "" ; restricted to dotted IP or DNS A record only (this is fwdnat.pulver.com)
    outbound_proxy_port: 5060 ; default is 5060
    When I pickup the phone it will have a dial tone, however I cannot call out as it will say (reorder, a generic term I know). I can also not get any incoming phone calls. In my status message, I have an error saying "E640 REG msg unsupported in 423, request failure"

    The weirdest thing is that I have tried using X-Light (softphone) with the exact same credentials, and it works like a charm. If someone can please shed any light it would be beyond greatly appreciated!
  2. cobaltit

    cobaltit Well-Known Member

    Mar 22, 2012
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  3. ipgflorida

    Jun 17, 2013
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    I have already tried that actually, and it still doesn't let me register with the 3cx system.

    Any thoughts? I don't currently have any SIP trunking providers configured with the system, but that shouldn't affect how the phone registers with the system right?

    Thank You

    Jamie Greene
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