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Re-provision a phone using a custom template

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by curtcar21, Jan 25, 2018.

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  1. curtcar21

    Jul 7, 2016
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    So I have an idea, bring back the ability to re-provision a phone using a custom template. Been working with YiannisH and he says we can not do this anymore. Even he did not know this isn't allowed any more. What a headache
    Here is his response
    1. Please make sure that the phone is working with the default template and the phone is able to reboot and reprovision. In order for the phone to be able to reboot and reprovision through the management console the provisioning must be done through PnP. What i learned today when i was trying to replicate the issue is that when assigning the phone to an extension through PnP the default template is selected. If you then press delete and add the custom template then you are essentially negating the PnP provisioning.So if the phone is provisioned behind an SBC then reboot and reprovision through the management console will not work. To reprovision the phones you will need to manually reboot the phones. The reason it was working for me the first time i tested is because although the phones where provisioned through SBC they were also reachable locally by the server (VPN) and the management console was able to reprovision them through the local IP.

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