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reason=Request Timeout

Discussion in '3CX Phone System - General' started by class8admin, Feb 10, 2007.

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  1. class8admin

    Feb 6, 2007
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    Hello, I have had the program for about a week, on a server with no firewalls, internal or external, and I can figure out the reason as to why I can't get it to register to an voip service I have accounts with.

    Can you please help. Thank you

    10:27:05.062 ClientRegs::eek:nFailure: Registration of sip:!!!!!!!@sipgate.co.uk:5060 has failed; reason=Request Timeout
    10:26:32.781 ExtLine::Register: Send registration for "???????"<sip:???????@sipgate.co.uk:5060>
    10:23:53.750 DBUpdateListener: DN(10000) is not an external line
    10:23:53.687 DBUpdateListener: DN(10001) is not an external line
    10:23:36.281 ??: SL: connected acer-2e68c49b20:0/PHPExtension_0 at [acer-2e68c49b20:0]/PHPExtension_0
    10:10:09.296 ClientRegs::eek:nFailure: Registration of sip:????????@fwd.pulver.com:5060 has failed; reason=Request Timeout
    10:10:09.265 ClientRegs::eek:nFailure: Registration of sip:???????@sip.inphonex.com:5060 has failed; reason=Request Timeout
    10:09:36.984 ExtLine::Register: Send registration for "???????"<sip:class8sip@fwd.pulver.com:5060>
    10:09:36.968 ExtLine::Register: Send registration for "???????"<sip:???????@sip.inphonex.com:5060>
    10:09:36.937 StunClient::process: STUN resolved external IP=??.??.??.?? by server ???.???.??.???
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.