Rebound for Ring Groups & Queues [10 requests]

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  1. humanism

    Oct 27, 2015
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    I'm posting this because there are literally no posts in "3CX Ideas" with the keywords "rebound" and "group", even though there are at least 10 threads in other sub-forums requesting this feature.

    There are many threads of people confused on how forwarding works in ring groups and queues, and requesting the ability to call an external number in ring groups and queues and have the "rebound" feature work properly.

    Basically, we just need the ability to extend the Rebound feature to ring groups and queues, so that both features have the option to respect the "call both my extension and my cell" checkbox and the Rebound feature. This feature request only makes sense when an extension is configured to dial both the extension and cell simultaneously.

    This is so that inbound calls to a ring group or queue can be delivered to external numbers that might play back a "destination unreachable" message instead of a busy tone (many cell phone do this), or send a caller to a cell phone voicemail system if the phone is turned off or out of service range (or even just misses the call).

    Instead, many users (including us) have had to resort to an external call forwarding system for every external number that might ever be added to a ring group.

    Some links to thread requesting this or being confused why this doesn't work as expected:
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  2. Ashm

    Feb 28, 2017
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    Agreed, we could really do with this feature as our team are out the office a lot but can still pick up calls from our mobile phones. And we want to avoid the central number going to our mobile phone voicemail if already on a call or switched off/no signal etc.

    What external call forwarding system are you using to get around this?