Recording announcement on incoming calls

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    In accordance with GDPR policies we need to inform all people calling to our numbers that the call is being recorded. The first solution comes to my mind is to use a Digital Receptionist but the problem is there are more than 100 DID numbers in the system. Adding a DR for each Inbound Route is not that easy because it will take many extension numbers for functioning and there is no any copy/duplicate mechanism to simplify adding new DRs.

    Is there a better way to do it?

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    Your approach is my standard answer when asked about notifying people that the call is being recorded. It's fairly straightforward if you have just a few routing destinations, but if you have hundreds of routes that becomes unmanageable in my opinion.

    What if we could simulate a barge that plays a recorded message at the start of each call? That sounds horrible except for specific situations like queue calls, but if it is a queue call, you could use the queue's intro prompt. I have tested this before and was able to automate the barging in to a call to play a prerecorded message if you can think of an acceptable way to put it into practice. We would just use a service and the Call Control API to do it.
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